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A Weekend in Provence

Considering how close it is to the U.K, I've only been to the South of Frances once before. I think I've always been waiting for the opportunity to do it properly and get the full Provencal experience, and there's always been one hotel on my bucket list for doing just that... 15 Comments Read more


Slinky Sundays

I’m a slob at heart. I love nothing more than winter weekends spent in slouchy basics lolling about in a bed or under a blanket surrounded by a whole load of books, box sets, juice bottles, cups of tea and […] 15 Comments Read more

Fashion, Living


After racing around Monday to Friday, weekends can all too often end up being spent horizontal in front of yet another box set or frequenting the same old pubs and brunch spots... 20 Comments Read more

Fashion, Living

Weekend Update

Ph. via my instagram @lucywilliams02 The closer we get to Christmas, the less time I seem to have at the weekends. Any free time is spent catching up with everyone and anyone before we all go our separate ways for […] 14 Comments Read more