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A Weekend in Provence

Considering how close it is to the U.K, I've only been to the South of Frances once before. I think I've always been waiting for the opportunity to do it properly and get the full Provencal experience, and there's always been one hotel on my bucket list for doing just that... 15 Comments Read more


Beach Pants

Having been to many a destination where covering up is a must for blending in and navigating crowds, I’ve come to know and love many pairs of humble holiday pants. From Morocco and Uganda, to India and Sri Lanka, covering […] 8 Comments Read more


Desert Heat

Apologies for only wearing proper clothes once in this post, it really was to hot for anything more than a bikini and a sarong until sundown... 12 Comments Read more

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Magic Hour

My favourite time of the day on holiday is that hour before sunset, that final hour of light to read a final few pages of your book before showers, aftersun and cocktails.... 15 Comments Read more

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Breezing through Bequia

As soon as we landed in Bequia, we knew three nights would be too little and immediately vowed soak up the salty air, turquoise seas and lobster-lunches as much as we could, spending every moment we could on the beautiful beaches... 11 Comments Read more


36 Hours in NYC

A bit different from the lengthy travel posts I normally do, but as you can probably gather from the title, this was something of a whirlwind trip... 11 Comments Read more