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Fashion Week Snaps

My colleague Natalie was being snapped by style bloggers all of LFW-they could not get enough!  She spotted me and her (though I was def the friend in the back ground!) on , snapped just before Jeager show …..funny to see […] 2 Comments Read more

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Random Photo Love

A whole lot of lovely things that inspiring me right now…I’m desperate for some chloe-esque patchwork jeans liek the chloe ones.  Thought I was so lucky when I found an amazing pair in Hennes…only to discover they wouldn’t do physically […] 0 Comments Read more



Scot Schuman has such an amazing eye for style but what i really love is that he sees style everywhere, and not just in the overtly fashionable.  I love the fact he’s recently posted images of cowgirls and boys and a homeless man on his […] 0 Comments Read more