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Weekend Update

This weekend saw a very welcome escape from London to go and stay with friends in the Cotswold countryside for a couple of lazy days mainly revolving around eating, antiques-hunting and sofa-lounging. Heaven.  I went | To Tetbury in Wiltshire […] 14 Comments Read more

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Le Weekend

This weekend started off frantic as I raced home to try and create some sort of skeleton/skull makeup for a Halloween birthday party, only to fail in a massive way and have to strip it all off and think on […] 10 Comments Read more


Tulum Holiday Photo Diary #2

So from the beautiful Casa Violeta, we moved slightly north up the coast to the equally stunning but very different Cabanas La Luna. Brightly-painted cabanas with multi-coloured hammocks and wooden decks nestled amongst palm trees meant the simple act of […] 19 Comments Read more