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Ready Set Swim

Doesn't bikini season seem to creep up on you every year? One day I'm eating a Lindt bunny all in one sitting, the next I'm frantically exfoliating and baring all on the beach. 15 Comments Read more


Smoking Room

I might have kicked the habit for good but am still partial to a heady hit of tobacco when it comes to my wardrobe. Palette-wise I mean; if there’s anyone in the world that likes the smell of stale cigarette […] 6 Comments Read more


Fall Forward

     Having just got back from a week in sunny Mallorca with £40 of overweight Easyjet fees behind me, I’ve come to the conclusion my holiday wardrobe is finally complete. So with too many bikinis and too little time, […] 8 Comments Read more


50 Shades of Springs

New York's arctic (the snowflake emoji's been having a field day over at NYFW) and London's grey from top to bottom, so what better time to look ahead and mentally compile a most-wanted list for warmer times. 13 Comments Read more


Christmas Gift Guide

I could just have easily called this 'My Christmas Wish List' seeing as I'd love to find any one of the items under the tree and may already own a few of the things featured... Let's call it market research o.k. 14 Comments Read more