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The Stuff Getting Me Through Winter

A few favourite things for a round-up, show and tell kind of post where I essentially wax lyrical about the stuff making life better when it’s freezing and dark outside. And Christmas is for giving presents to yourself too right? […] 11 Comments Read more


FMN Book Club

Time for a new read for the month of May while also reviewing the brilliant Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff. And by the looks of things thanks to all the insta messages and stories I’ve seen, I’m not the […] 19 Comments Read more


The FMN Book Club

I hope you've all managed to finish the brilliant The Handmaid's Tale because it's time to assess, digest and move onto the next book for March. Grab your glasses; you're in for some meaty analysis... 20 Comments Read more


Fragrances to Fall in Love With

I am a total fragrance hoarder and have bottle upon bottle lining the shelves/any available surface around my house. To me, scent can be a real mood booster and setter, so I keep different fragrances on my desk, on my bedside table and in the bathroom depending how I want to feel. 12 Comments Read more


Lessons in Imperfection

In years gone by, I've often started a new year with a resolutions post (if that's your bag - check out some old ones here), but this year I felt like it would be more apt to start the year on a different note. 55 Comments Read more


Lessons in Homeowning

Buying, renovating, decorating and maintaining your own place is a big life step and a sure fire way to bring any commitment-phobe or indecisive hothead out in hives. Having just moved into my first (owned) flat after an 18 month process of searching, offering and doing-upping I thought I'd share a few nuggets of advice I've learnt (mostly the hard way) so far... 14 Comments Read more