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Lessons in Blogging

  Time for another ‘lessons’ post, this time dedicated to all things blogging and to all of you who send me questions on email and instagram about getting started or in need of advice, plus a few random things I’ve […] 43 Comments Read more


Lessons in Imperfection

In years gone by, I've often started a new year with a resolutions post (if that's your bag - check out some old ones here), but this year I felt like it would be more apt to start the year on a different note. 55 Comments Read more

Inspiration, Living

Lessons in Happy

One of the best bits about having a blog is getting to write about exactly what you want (as long as you guys like it that is), and sometimes it feels good just to post about those thoughts that pop into […] 27 Comments Read more


Weekend Update

  New recipes, work lunches and faithful knitwear were all key components of this busier than busy weekend. Even more of you have been asking for recipes on here from my Instagram and I promise to get stuck in soon […] 14 Comments Read more


Winter Watches

Blame the steadily declining weather, but I’m slowly falling into hibernation mode and with that comes more and more time spent inside catching up on movies both old and new. When it really is just too damn cold to do […] 11 Comments Read more



A little photo diary of my 6 days in Cadaques in Spain…I got back late last night and am pining to go back so bad.  It ws literally the best holiday ever, despite the lack of sun, and will go […] 16 Comments Read more