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Beach Pants

Having been to many a destination where covering up is a must for blending in and navigating crowds, I’ve come to know and love many pairs of humble holiday pants. From Morocco and Uganda, to India and Sri Lanka, covering […] 8 Comments Read more

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Desert Dweller

Jamie and I have racked up 10 flights between us in the last month, none of which have been together and all of which seem to have been at silly o'clock in the morning. Needless to say, after a summer of snatched moments together, we're in need of a quick getaway to do as little as possible... 8 Comments Read more


Piton Pirates

Most of our holidays involve at least some portion of time looking out to the horizon from the sand and soaking up the sound of the waves from dry land. So it was super nice to take to the seas while […] 7 Comments Read more


36 Hours in NYC

A bit different from the lengthy travel posts I normally do, but as you can probably gather from the title, this was something of a whirlwind trip... 11 Comments Read more


Touch Down in Sri Lanka

And so it begins… Here is the first of many posts from my trip to Sri Lanka. And in the words of Maria, let’s start at the very beginning… We decided to spend our first night relatively near the airport in […] 12 Comments Read more


Back From The Tropics

After a long old (I say old literally here. The plane was basically an antique) flight, we landed back in blighty yesterday after an incredible two weeks in beautiful, tropical, colourful Sri Lanka. 10 Comments Read more