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Winter Hair Heroes for Hair that Wants to Quit

Sometimes it shames me how much my hair plays a part in how I feel. If you looked at me and my unkempt barnet that rarely gets blow dried or styled, you might not guess I've spent a lot of time and money on my hair over the years, namely because it is more than a little sensitive to just about everything. 15 Comments Read more


Products to Swear By

  Freckles gone? Legs covered in scales? Pores big enough to fall into? Same. Time to rediscover and rely on some of my never-fail products that work as something of a reset button for winter-parched hair, skin and body. Stay […] 18 Comments Read more


High Low Beauty

While I can happily while away an hour in Space NK, there's nothing quite as satisfying or convenient as doing a huge haul in your local drug store... 6 Comments Read more


Finding the One at No 5

Finding The One has been an uphill battle for me. I’ve had the one who doesn’t listen, the one who takes too much, and the one who wants you to change…. Yep, I’m talking hairdressers, and anyone who has had […] 1 Comment Read more

Beauty, Inspiration


In an attempt to get my hair back into working order after Mexico’s salty showers and sunshine stripped it of anything good, I’m trying to refrain from washing my hair quite so much (read everyday). I was once on a […] 13 Comments Read more