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Weekend Beauty

I couldn't decide what to call this post. Weekend wash bag, travel beauty, packing essentials... You get the jist. I didn't want to put 'holiday' in the title as this isn't so much about sun care, more about the essentials I'd pack for a weekend away 4 Comments Read more


A Marant of my Own

Favourite new jeans by Isabel Marant Etoile that have already become one of those ‘what would I do without’ pieces.  Wearing with the standard LNA t-shirt, Whistles jacket and Office boots. Get the jeans here. Ph. by James Wright 10 Comments Read more


So It Goes

Those of you who follow me of Twitter and/or Instagram will probably have already gathered that my boyfriend’s recently launched a new biannual magazine called So It Goes, and as it hits newstands today (hurray!), I thought it was about […] 9 Comments Read more

Fashion, Inspiration

The One Piece

I don’t think I’ve worn a swim suit since my early teens, when a simple speedo costume was the go-to for obligatory school swimming lessons. Maybe it’s down to the unpredicatable nature of the British summer or just being that […] 9 Comments Read more

Inspiration, Travel

Lost Coastlines

  A little post-holiday inspiration starting with a happy memory from my trip to L.A last year. Weird how some places really get under your skin and a year later, you still get nostalgic pangs to be back there again.  […] 10 Comments Read more


Into Tomorrow

I’ve been in something akin to wardrobe hibernation these recent months, a slump I’m putting down to this long drawn-out winter we still, somehow, seem to be in the thick of. But, despite the recent resurgence of Baltic conditions, I’m […] 8 Comments Read more