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FMN Book Club

Have you all finished Sweet Bitter? Hope so, because it's time to review and move onto to the next book. And I'm really excited for this one.... 30 Comments Read more


The FMN Book Club

I hope you've all managed to finish the brilliant The Handmaid's Tale because it's time to assess, digest and move onto the next book for March. Grab your glasses; you're in for some meaty analysis... 20 Comments Read more

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Spring Favourites

It’s these posts that make me realise what a product whore I am because I find it impossible to narrow down the things I love. Time for another set of favourites and empties that scream Spring…. Makeup & Scents First […] 12 Comments Read more

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Recent Favourites

I don’t know about you, but I’m inherently nosy and on top of seeing people’s wardrobes, I like seeing what’s on the shelves in their bathroom, bedroom and beyond. So I hope you like seeing a few of the things […] 4 Comments Read more


Holiday Reads

I mentioned in my last post that reading was a big part of being on holiday for me, and from the comments and questions I often get about good book suggestions, I'm thinking it is for you guys too. 9 Comments Read more