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The perfect boot wedge heels...

Christina of src783 showcases THOSE perfect harnessed heels….I’m currently searching for the perfect black wedge boots (preferably a perfect and affordable copy of Acne’s lace-ups) but I would give up my search and not shop again for a year (or […] 3 Comments Read more

Fashion, Inspiration

Model Style

I just discovered the most amazing blog called Altamira at…it/ has all the model off duty shots you could possible wish more, and in the words of 2009’s Met Ball, the model is definitely this years muse.  These are […] 0 Comments Read more


Click and Save..

Bored, random clicking and saving in front of friends…always do it, just never post it, so this time I did.  worrying that 3 of pics include cigarettes.  Don’t think I need Dr Spock to tell me what that means… Sources:Cobrasnake, […] 0 Comments Read more



Scot Schuman has such an amazing eye for style but what i really love is that he sees style everywhere, and not just in the overtly fashionable.  I love the fact he’s recently posted images of cowgirls and boys and a homeless man on his […] 0 Comments Read more