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Lessons in Holiday Planning

  Thanks to social media, it can sometimes feel like we’re the only ones not on holiday (yes, I’m aware I can often be fuelling that fire!) and we are constantly bombarded by holiday porn. I for one get completely […] 0 Comments Read more


Lessons in Breakups

It’s been a long old while since my last ‘Lessons’ post and when I put out an insta story a while ago about what I should write about to get back into them, a lot of you guys suggested this […] 22 Comments Read more


Books for the Soul

I find the start of the year is a really nice time to read something a little more stirring or soothing than other times. The idea of a self-help book can feel a bit icky and have a bit of […] 7 Comments Read more


The Stuff Getting Me Through Winter

A few favourite things for a round-up, show and tell kind of post where I essentially wax lyrical about the stuff making life better when it’s freezing and dark outside. And Christmas is for giving presents to yourself too right? […] 11 Comments Read more

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Body Talk

Happiness in my own skin hasn't always come easy to me, nor does it correlate with weight or size, so I wanted to talk/ramble about confidence, what I've learnt so far and why stretch marks need re-branding... 31 Comments Read more