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Lessons in Happy

One of the best bits about having a blog is getting to write about exactly what you want (as long as you guys like it that is), and sometimes it feels good just to post about those thoughts that pop into […] 27 Comments Read more


The Great Escape

As you read this, I’ll be laying horizontal in the Balearics. Yep it’s that time of year again. That much-longed for holiday with a group of friends is finally here and I for one am beyond ready for sandy, salty […] 6 Comments Read more


Snowed In

When I was little, December signalled the chance of an elusive 'snow day', when the skies and ground turned white, school closed its doors for the day and there was nothing to do but scoot down any hill you could find on just about any thing that served as a sleigh. 5 Comments Read more


Christmas Gift Guide

I could just have easily called this 'My Christmas Wish List' seeing as I'd love to find any one of the items under the tree and may already own a few of the things featured... Let's call it market research o.k. 14 Comments Read more