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How to Not Look Boring While Beating the Cold

Frosty mornings and multiple layers can really take their toll on your wardrobe. It can be hard not to end up melting into the sea of other people shuffling around in various shades of black, brown and bobbly scarfs. Goes without saying winter is 10 times harder to show some personality when you get dressed but it’s by no means impossible. Don’t be wrong, I love to shuffle around in a big, black parka and beanie myself while walking the dog and running errands, but too much time in my beloved ugg boots and hoodies can end up making me feel like something of a sloth. So I feel like I have some go-to solutions for not feeling drab and sad like the weather, but instead expressing myself and wearing things I love while also keeping warm.

  • Invest in some mega gold hoop earrings, the thicker and chunkier the better. They instantly take an ordinary outfit or a roll neck jumper beyond the realm of hibernating at home. Suddenly loungewear looks chis and knitwear looks slick.
  • Think accessories. A fun little sequinned drawstring bag, a retro bucket hat or an amazing pair of patent boots can make such a difference. I hate being cold with a passion so often wear long sleeves jumpers or polo necks out for dinner and the right accessories make jeans and a jumper perfectly acceptable for even the fanciest work dinner.
  • Clash your colours. Step away from the grey jumper and those black boots and push yourself to try a pale blue jumper with red boots, or in my case, a rainbow knit with a rainbow scarf. Forget what your mum drilled into your about matching and be playful. Personally I love red with brown, yellow with navy, blue with maroon, tie dyes, neons (lime green right now) and rainbow stripes.
  • Heat tech thermals will open up a world of possibilities for you. They make looser trousers a million times toastier (I have a sneaky pair of leggings under the leather trousers I’m wearing in the second outfit) and they can mean you can wear just a thinner lighter jumper under a coat rather than needing to turn into the incredible hunk.
  • Don’t be afraid of bigger, oversized shapes. I like playing up to the abominable snowman effect sometimes ands wearing a big coat over loose fit trousers and longer layers a la the Olsens. Just make it feel deliberate rather than bag lady with the help of aforementioned hoops, hats and investment statement boots.
  • Layer textures. Fluffy faux fur with denim and nylon; leather with shearling and cashmere; PVC with wool. The combinations are endless and it’s one of the easiest ways to add interest and depth to outfits with minimal fuss.
  • Smile! Winter will be over before we know it and we’ll have to start shaving our legs and going out again.


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Coat | Mango
Jumper | Proenza Schouler
Hat | Prada
Jeans | J Brand
Earrings | Balenciaga

Jumper | Acne Studios
Trousers | Jacquemus
Boots | Ganni
Bag | By Far
Scarf | Holzweiler



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