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California Road Trip | Malibu

After a whirlwind, amazing trip to Arizona with Proenza Schouler (I didn’t blog it because it’s technically not part of the road trip) we flew back to L.A to carry on up north. There was one hotel I knew I had to stay at on this trip and that was the beautiful Surfrider Malibu, so that kind of dictated us wanting to spend a night here on our way up the 101. I never really know if Malibu is technically part of L.A or not, but given it can be up to an hour or more from central L.A in traffic, it’s worth assigning a few days to actually stay here rather than just swinging by for a lunch or a brief afternoon on the beach.

It’s right on the way up to Santa Barbara (literally on the highway) and opposite Surfrider beach, one of the best spots to watch the surfers roll in before grabbing a sandwich to go from Malibu Farm Pier or a drink at Soho Beach House. But the star of the show is Surfrider itself. The interiors are those kind of clean, light, contemporary but cosy neutral spaces you’d expect from the beach-dwelling Australian owners who redeveloped the place. Wooden ceiling fans send ripples through light, muslin curtains draped around four poster beds while stems of pampas grass and jasmine-scented candles serve as those perfectly minimal kind of homely touches dotted around. There is an incredible roof deck that overlooks the pier and the beach with a big fire pit, squishy linen chairs and a cocktail list including the most insane coconut margaritas. Surfrider without doubt is one of the coolest places to stay in L.A, if not California right now, but what I really loved about it is the fact that the guys who work there are not in the least pretentious or too cool for school. Warm, helpful (one of the girls at the front desk messaged her sister for an amazing list of Santa Barbara recommendations for us and both printed and emailed it to us too) and relaxed, they made us feel entirely welcome and at ease throughout our entire stay. The one and only fault with our one night at Surfrider was it was just that, one night. I’m already plotting to go back from a week…

It feels really bittersweet doing this blog post after the awful devastating fires that destroyed much of Malibu and multiple people’s homes and livelihoods. One on hand these pictures represent amazing holiday memories for us but on the other, they were taken just before a lot of Malibu and the surrounding areas were destroyed. Thankfully, Surfrider wasn’t harmed by the fires but much of the Malibu community was which is just so sad given how beautiful it is and what a lovely community it is. It’s such a surreal experience being somewhere carefree only for the whole place to change dramatically for the worse just a week later. Refinery 29 have produced a bigger and better list of how to donate and help in the wake of the fires that I ever could so have a look here if you want to help.

One night, a Mexican dinner at Soho Beach House and a morning feeling sand between our toes and soaking up the roof deck, we were headed for Santa Barbara, but that’s for the next post…

Bikini | Solid and Striped X Redone 
Hat | Lack of Colour 


All photos my own.