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A Long Weekend in Mallorca

I’ll concede I’m normally that person that is away a lot and never short of salty beach days or a dose of sunshine. I’m used to being that person who people ask ‘have you had any nice hols recently’, quickly followed by an eye roll and a ‘you’re always on holiday’ groan. I don’t have the energy to explain that lots of my trips are in some way work-related so I just ignore the eye roll and merrily chatter about where I’ve been. However this summer has been slightly different. I’m not for one minute suggesting I have been hard done by in the holiday stakes (far from it) but by the time we got to mid September, I realised I hadn’t been on a beach since the first weekend of July and was craving it. I’d had a lot of work on, a lot of late nights, I’d flown to Sydney and back for two days, I hadn’t read a book for months (the thought made me really depressed) and I was feeling generally pretty uninspired. And people’s ‘you’re always away’ comments were starting to bug me if I’m honest. I thought, if people are going to think of me as someone that’s always on holiday, I’ll damn well be that person (toss of head mandatory). I wasn’t ready for summer to be over and decided to sandwich in 4 days away between popping to Paris for fashion week (as you do). After a lot of googling and day dreaming, my friend Phoebe and I settled on Mallorca for four days on sunbathing, swimming and reading by day and drinking wine and talking by night.

I read this article which made me see the North East of Mallorca in a different light as the East is often depicted as very touristy-y and overdeveloped in parts. I found Hotel Son Jaumell through i-escape. As I mentioned in my Lessons in Holiday Planning post last week, it’s one of my favourite sites for finding boutique hotels and this little gem was no exception. Tucked away in a sleepy corner of the island, about an hour from Palma airport, this was exactly the kind of hotel I was looking for. Think clean, modern interiors with plenty of neutral linens and light-filled rooms, and pale blue shuttered doors and windows with olive trees and enormous cacti dotted around. The whole place had a sense of unpretentious calm about it and the rooms were felt cool and clean without being austere or cold. We had a little balcony and small lawn with sun loungers and a rocking chair which I loved having a quiet moment on after an evening shower in a dressing gown. There’s a quiet pool that gets every last drop of evening sun and a michelin-starred restaurant definitely worth a dinner (or two). Saying that, the regular bistro restaurant was beyond delicious too. If you order one thing while you’re here, make it the chicken croquettes. Zero potato isn’t normally a positive attribute for me but these rich, oozy, sweet little nuggets of haven are unlike any other croquette you’ve ever had I guarantee you. Mornings and evenings were on the chilly side by the end of September so we had breakfast outside in cashmere jumpers nursing cups of teas waiting to be warmed up like lizards, but by the time in reached midday, it was the perfect temperature to laze around on the beach without feeling like you were frying like a piece of sizzling meat.

I’ve only been to Mallorca once before on a villa holiday with girlfriends a few years ago. We were staying near Pollenca then and aside form one trip to Deia and a misjudged boat trip that almost ended in tears, we didn’t explore the coast that much. Having seen a tonne of beautiful photos of Mallorca’s stunning beaches, I wanted to try a different beach everyday. Wer hired a ridiculous convertible car and took off everyday after breakfast to a new spot, returning before sundown for a swim and snooze by the pool before showering off the day and settling in for Gin & Tonics at the hotel. Son Jaumell is fairly rural rather than in the thick of a buzzing town so aside from one delicious dinner at Quinze in Porto Cristo, we found ourselves eating at the hotel as it was so good. There are definitely some nice places nearby to eat, but given we only had 4 days and we sensed the food was better at the hotel than elsewhere in the near proximity, we found ourselves opting to be lazy so we could quickly roll into bed after dinner. I always struggle with this because I feel so guilty not trying new things every single day, but sometimes I just don’t want to have to make a decision past whether to have the chicken or fish so I tried to just make peace with that and roll with what I really wanted to do versus what I felt I should do. Maybe it’s partly down to what I do or maybe it’s just a kink in my personality, but I find separating my gut from my head on holiday quite tricky sometimes and it’s only when I manage it that I really feel on holiday.

I’m going to do a separate, dedicated beach post so as to not bore you senseless in this one so I’ll make a list of all the beaches and spots we went to in that. So for now, here’s a whole bunch of pictures of our beautiful hotel, local beach and some last of the summer sun outfits.

Top | Rouje 
Skirt | With Jean
Sandals | Isabel Marant 
Sunglasses | Le Specs 

Swimsuit | Hunza G
Jewellery | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Sunglasses | Chloe 

Swimsuit | Hunza G 
Shorts | Faithfull the Brand 

Linen playsuit | Yoli & Otis 
Sandals | Isabel Marant 

Bikini | Faithfull the Brand 
Bucket hat | Lack of Colour 

Bikini | Lucy Williams X Love Stories
Hat | Lack of Colour
Jewellery as before

Top | With Jean
Trousers | Sir the Label 
Sandals | Ancient Greek 
Necklaces and rings | Lucy Williams X Missoma 

Dress | Love Shack Fancy 
Earrings | Celine

We stayed at Hotel Son Jaumell via I-Escape.