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What I’ve Been Up To

Hello interweb. It’s been a while.

So I had a kind of accidental break from the blog these last six weeks. A combination of being busy with other projects, travelling both for work and play and to be honest, a good chunk of writer’s block meant this site had a bit of time out. To start with, I kept badgering myself internally to write, edit or just do something on here (that bloggers guilt again) but after a while and a few DMCs with my boyfriend and peers, I just gave in to the lull and realised I would write something when I was ready. Sometimes, if you have the luxury to do so of course, I think it’s actually beneficial to take your foot off the gas, at least on one pedal! So I thought I’d dip my toe back into blogging with a little photo diary from the last two weeks in London and Copenhagen. Maybe it’s the heat wave finally subsiding, maybe it’s a distinct lack of holidays on my horizon, but somehow summer feels like it’s beginning to wind down… O.K, O.K, I take it back! The last few weeks have been a blur in a really great way and armed with my newly fixed camera (no more mammoth light leaks!), I decided to try and document it as much as I could.

First up, I took my mum for lunch and hydrangea shopping at one of the prettiest spots in west London, Clifton nurseries, Superfood in the sun, followed by shopping for plants for my new garden. On a Thursday. Man, I love being self-employed.


It was my boyfriend’s birthday so we had a barbecue in my new garden (more on that soon, promise) and I whisked us off to Limewood after breakfast in bed at home. Up there as my favourite country hotel along with Babington House, it has everything you want from a spoiling escape from the city. Mega spa (the hydrotherapy pool is hard to drag yourself out of), beautiful, comfortable rooms and the restaurant to beat all hotel restaurants.  I loved taking pictures of all the little light-filled corners and slithers of cosy rooms. The sun was shining, we ate pasta and fish in the shady garden and then sprawled out by the pool in the spa, slowly making our way up to the lavender roof like lizards chasing the sun. A feast at the bar (get the gnocchi with squid bolognese please God), tea in bed in the morning and we were back on the road to London feeling 10 pounds heavier and a million times lighter all at once.



Then it was off to Copenhagen for me for fashion week. I’ve only been once before for 24 hours, but fell in love with this city even in that short space of time so loved having three days to soak in all that Scandinavian summer goodness. From supper in an old fort with Net-A-Porter and hot dog lunches chez Pernille, to boat parties with Stine Goya and garden discos with Ganni, we spent as much time as possible outside in the beautiful weather. Not to mention seeing some amazing shows of course (Ganni was a mega highlight naturally) and getting inspired left right and centre by the Danish girls super covetable style and attitude (supportive and kind to each other, both brands and individuals). I got to hang out with old friends, one of my best friends and make a tonne of new friends and am already plotting on going back next summer for round two and trying to make myself an honoury Dane in the meantime.


So that’s been me for the last few weeks. Oh and this was followed by hosting a weekend party for thirteen, and getting an average of 4 hours sleep a night so I’m pretty much sleepwalking right now. But it was worth it for sure. It’s been one of the best summers of my life and this was just a tiny slither of some of the more chilled parts of it. But it definitely feels good to be back on here for a minute at least.

Spotty dress | Realisation Par 
Red bag | Personalised Chloe via Selfridges
Patchwork shorts | LHD at Net-A-Porter 
Sunglasses | Le Specs 


All photos by me. Except the ones of me, obviously!