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Island Hopping in the Bahamas

One of our best days of the whole trip was out on the water with Bahama House. From a childhood spent messing around on boats in Wales, I think I really am happiest speeding around on the open seas. Especially when said seas look like this…

Eleven Experience, the group behind Bahama House, think of everything and run a pretty slick operation when it comes to hotels, so after a day of luxury at the hotel, it should have been no surprise the boat trip was going to exceed all expectations but we were still taken aback by how great it was. I was expecting (and would have been happy as a clam with) a small, ordinary rib but this was a super sleek, shiny, super charged abode. The boat was beautiful and our two guides for the day, Captain Chris and Richard, were full of fun sussed us out pretty quickly in terms of what we were after for the day. From spotting turtles swimming from the front of the boat, to stepping foot on a footprint free pristine beach, jumping off bridges and snorkelling along a coral reef, it really was a day to remember. Oh and did I mention swimming with pigs? Ticked that one off the bucket list too. The guys took us to a little, nondescript restaurant for lunch on Spanish Wells called Sand Bar where we walked straight out from the boat and ate fish tacos and rum punch with our feet in the sand. Weirdly, it was one of the best lunches we had the whole trip although I felt like I might sink when I tried to swim after lunch given our two buddies from Bahama House ordered every kind of fritter on the menu for us.

I think it was this day on the trip when I totally relaxed and sunk into holiday mood completely and utterly. The whole day was such a dream and I just looking at these pictures reminds me how deliriously happy I was all day. If I could go back to one day on the whole trip it would be this one.

String dress | Sir the Label
Strip bikini top | Faithfull the brand 
Beach bag | JW Anderson X Uniqlo 
White bikini bottoms | Topshop 
Necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Sunglasses | Le Specs