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My Go-To Lingerie Brands

From the everyday stuff to the itsy-bitsy special occasion stuff, lingerie always makes you feel something. Whether that’s just comfortable and yourself, or an altogether sexier, more confident version of yourself, it’s the basis over every outfit apart from your birthday suit. I have a real weakness for beautiful underwear. And beautiful doesn’t have to mean lacy and ormate… It can just be the most-perfect fitting neutral cotton undies if you ask me. Your top drawer is the start of every day and every outfit, so I figured, why not delve in and share what’s underneath the things I’m wearing.

So without further ado, these are my go-to brands for all kinds of different underpinnings…


Love Stories 


Dutch brand Love Stories are the best at walking that fine line between sexy, fun and cute. Designed to mix and match, this brand is made for a serial non-matcher like myself (I mean really, who has time?) and they do soft, triangle bras super well. I love the little touches of embroidery, lace and print to make things a little bit different from the norm too.


For cotton undies, I can’t get enough of Baserange, the best, if slightly pricey, place to get everyday knickers. Made from natural fibres like bamboo and organic cotton, I love the colours (black and warm caramels and nudes) and the soft brands and knickers and beyond comfortable and soft. Plus, you can just chuck in the washing machine because again, who has time for tulle underwear that you need to hand wash.

Other brands of note for me are Hanro (the ultimate for seamless french knickers), Gap and Skin. 




For something a bit more special but still the kind of thing you can happily reach for on an average Tuesday, I love Else. You can tell this is underwear made for women, not made for women for men as so much lingerie is. Think high-waisted, lace briefs that are beyond flattering. sheer bodies, longline soft cup bras all in beautiful colours like soft teale, forest green and cream. No red suspenders here.

Ell & Cee


So this is one of my favourite boutique brands for special but still oh-so-pretty lingerie. The kind of brand you want to wear to impress but equally looks so beautiful in the box. Light as a feather with delicate embroidery and ribbons, I love this brand for myself but also for gifts for girlfriends (they have some really lovely bridal-esque knickers that are amazing hen party presents). A friend gave me a bra from this brand once for a birthday present years ago and after temporarily forgetting about it for a while, I rediscovered it recently and fell for it all over again.

Le Petit Trou


The cutest brand for sheer, sassy bras and knickers that satisfy my love of polka dots and metallics in equal measure. I love that lots of the bras undo at the front and the back and they do the coolest naughty but nice knickers too.

& Other Stories

My favourite place to buy underwear on the high street. Whether it’s embroidered cotton knickers or matching lace sets, I love Stories’ selection of lingerie. It’s easy and wearable but never boring. The sizing is annoying for us Brits because they do bra sizes in cm not inches, but it’s worth the mental conversion for sure. Looks way more expensive than it actually is which is always what I look for when it comes to underwear on the high street.

Cone necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Large gold hoops/moon necklace | Theodora Warre
Jeans | Reformation
Stripe jumper | Belize
Striped strappy top | Mads Noorgaard
Satin skirt | H&M


Ph. by Frances Davison (and a couple by myself!)