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Make Those Wedding Outfits Work Harder

It’s never too early to start thinking about wedding guest outfits if you ask me. Personally, wedding season starts in May for me but I’m always super hesitant about not snapping up the dresses I want in case they sell out by the time I want to wear them. But smart girls never just buy dresses that are only good for weddings, especially if you’re spending big bucks on a beautiful frock… The key is going for the kind of dress that work on many different levels while still being fancy enough for your friends’ big day.

Personally, I love long, floral dresses for weddings. And no, they definitely don’t have to be frumpy and/or like a pair a curtains…. They work for the U.K when the sun is never 100% guaranteed so you might not want to bare all but equally wouldn’t be amiss at an al fresco wedding in Ibiza. They feel demure and pretty but little details like slashed backs or a cinched waist can give them a bit of edge. Plus, they’re made for layering under a biker jacket, which yes I wear to English summer weddings no problem.

This Isabel Marant beauty from was a million times better than I thought it would be and I obviously liked it before I even got it so that’s saying something. It’s ridiculously flattering (the waist panel feels like a pair of in-built spanx) and it moves beautifully on. The kind of dress that makes you want to twirl like a little kid. The catch? It’s kind of pricey if you’re only going to wear it for a couple of weddings over the summer. I would only spend this kind of bucks on a dress if I can wear it to death. Case in point, with sneakers and a biker jacket as we roll into Spring. Realistically, I need a jumper over this as well right now but you get the jist… Oh and just as a heads up, MyTheresa now offer 24 hour delivery to the U.K and 48 hour delivery to the U.S which is always a relief for the horribly impatient amongst us. AKA me.

Think about how you can work those special occasion dresses into everyday life and suddenly getting that super nice dress doesn’t seem so excessive. Wear the beautiful slip dress over a t-shirt, layer the silk wrap dress over bikinis and sandals on holiday and pull a big, chunky jumper over the floaty midi or maxi dress. This dress feels so special on but it doesn’t mean it can’t be just as at home at the pub in London as it is for the wedding of the year. Now, I wouldn’t suggest you start dripping burger juice and red wine down it (it definitely deserves some semblance of special treatment) but with a good dry cleaner and the right layering, beautiful dresses don’t have to relegated to weekend weddings. Suddenly that special little or long number you had your eye on doesn’t feel so much of an indulgence…


Dress | Isabel Marant at Mytheresa 
Jacket | Coach 
Bag | Vintage Gucci via Vestiaire Collective 
Trainers | Veja 
Scrunchie | Donni 



Ph. by Frances Davison
This post is a paid collaboration with MyTheresa. All styling, words and creative direction my own.