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Winter Hair Heroes for Hair that Wants to Quit

Sometimes it shames me how much my hair plays a part in how I feel. If you looked at me and my unkempt barnet that rarely gets blow dried or styled, you might not guess I’ve spent a lot of time and money on my hair over the years, namely because it is more than a little sensitive to just about everything. Pollution, air conditioning, hair bands, sun, salt water… You name it, it can make my hair want to shrivel up and break up with me. Winter is actually worse than summer for me. Central heating and icy cold air really takes its toll on the condition and colour of my hair (getting any kind of shine going on is an eternal struggle) so I’m always on the look out for products that get it back to feeling light, bouncy and summery in the midst of dry January. And by dry, I’m referring to my hair not my lack of wine…

Enter Liz Earle. Probably best known for skincare products, namely its cult-like Cleanse & Polish or Superskin range, turns out Liz Earle actually make pretty banging hair care products.  I’ve long been a huge fan of Liz Earle Hair Oil ever since I had a facial with them and the facialist told me her teenage daughter with bleached her swore by it. Turns out she was right, and it remains the silkiest, richest, more nourishing oil I’ve come across. But recently, I discovered the Liz Earle Botanical Shine Haircare duo too. Yet again, my mum has been a fan of this pair for years but given we have totally different hair, I never really took her declarations of love seriously. Luckily recently I got to give it a go myself and have been massively surprised by the results. My hair feels super light and breezy and distinctly less frizzy when I wash and condition with this stuff. The conditioner feels really thick and buttery, almost like a deep conditioner without the time and hassle, another major plus for an impatient toad like myself.

My everyday ritual is washing my hair (once if I’m in the routine of washing everyday, twice if it’s been a day or two since the last wash), squeezing out the excess water and smoothing on the conditioner and leaving on while I wash my hair and face in the shower, before rinsing off and squeezing out the water.

I put a towel turban round my head to dry off but dry not to rub or towel dry my hair to save my easily-broken locks. After about 10 minutes with a towel wrapped round it, I brush through with a Tangle Teaser or similar and toss up and down to add a bit if air to it! Using the brush, I find my middle parting and then brush through to get that locked into place. This is when the magic oil comes into play… I smooth over a good two pumps of Liz Earle Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil from the mid lengths to the ends when the hairs still damp and can instantly feel it sealing the hair and making it feels softer and shinier even before it dries. If you’re a hair oil virgin, know that this stuff has never left my hair looking wet, greasy or stringy (and I’ve definitely experienced this with other oils) so it’s great for all lengths and types of hair.

I always let my hair air dry as much as possible even in the winter. Timing is often everything, being able to wash my hair and still have an hour indoors afterwards to let it dry can be tricky but so far I’ve managed to do it. I scrunch and twirl it a little as it dries to heighten the natural wave and texture of it and once dry, I’ll brush it again and add another pump of oil to combat any frizz or dryness.

Et voila, super simple, but super nourishing hair care for the winter and hair that feels super light and airy, like you’ve just air dried it in the tropics when in fact you’ve been holed up with the radiator. Ta-da!

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Liz Earle Botanical Shine Haircare Duo 
Liz Earle Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil


Created in collaboration with Liz Earle Beauty co. 
All words and creative direction my own. 

Ph. by Frances Davison