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Baby It Cold

I’m not going to lie, cold weather and cold weather clothes aren’t always my jam. Despite being born and raised in ‘sunny’ England, I feel happiest in high summer, or a least the kind of weather where all you need in terms of layers is a leather jacket and you’re golden. But at the start of cold season, I do get a little thrill out of being able to rug up and generally hide under as many multiple cosy layers as possible. This season, I seem to be gravitating towards anything plaid or neutral and alpine looking… Case in point, this Ba&sh coat, the following Loewe bag and Vince kint… Essentially, I can’t remember the last time I went out not wearing something resembling a kilt.

Massive, thick-tread boots, jumpers thick enough to nest in and boy-cut black denim pretty much sums up my current mood/uniform. My hairs not quite the shiny, vanilla colour I want it to be right now (waiting on a top up) so hats seem to be an everyday occurance. From butter-wouldn’t-melt berets, to East 17 style oversized beanies, I feel kind of naked without some kind of head gear right now. As someone who loves black basics in all forms, the key is breaking up the black with warm neutrals, tartans and reds to add a little bit of interest to winter get-ups. Don’t get me wrong, top-to-toe black definitely has its place but I feel like black looks even better when layered against it’s opposites. It makes the black items stand out rather than just blend into one. Suddenly a tartan bag is an investment, not just a frivolous purchase (I’ll admit the price is an indulgence for sure)

Baby it cold, but winter isn’t all bad I’m discovering…


Tartan coat | Ba&sh
Jumper | Reformation 
Jeans | Re/Done
Bag | Gucci 
Beret | Urban Outfitters 
Boots | Joseph 

Whistler in December called for 90s puffa jackets, thick gnome hats and the coolest shearling boots I’ve found to date thanks to Rag & Bone… It’s items like these that, to me at least, make the cosier pieces like the jumper feel less twee or something. Less of a ‘I’m in the mountains’ fancy dress if you will. Toning down anything too pretty or twee is something I like to think I’m pretty adept at… Ok, it’s not a CV worthy skill, but it kind of comes in handy when trying to navigate how to make those pieces that could feel potentially mumsy feel more like me. This jumper is the softest, warmest thing I own right now anolivia  I guess worn differently, it could work on so many different levels but with a half-tuck and layered with black, it definitely works for me.

Puffa | Urban Outfitters 
Jumper | Vince 
Jeans | Re/Done 
Boots | Rag & Bone 
Hat | Acne 
Bag | Loewe 

Ph. by Frances Davison and Olivia Purvis