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What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve. Love it or loathe it, it’s normally a good excuse to up the ante ever so slightly sartorially speaking, even if you’re just into lying low (sassy silk PJs anyone?). So I teamed up with Mytheresa to pull together two looks I fall back on year after year for seeing in midnight on the last night of the year. Two very different vibes depending on your New Year mood.

I’m a jeans and a nice top girl through and through. After years of ridiculing the noughties staple combo, it’s now back with avengence thanks to the recent return of vintage denim and 90s tops. I feel most myself in high-waisted jeans teamed with some sort of slinky, spaghetti strap top and boots that are a little bit extra. Exactly the kind of thing for those new years that end up atop a kitchen counter nursing the beginnings of a hangover at 5 A.M or just one that involves a lot of dancing. Plus, something like this looks entirely nondescript with a big coat thrown over it. Ideal if you’re getting the tube on new year’s eve and don’t like look like a piece of tinsel on public transport.

For me, the red Acne boots and Attico bag make this. They both add just enough to make an otherwise very subtle outfit stand out a little bit more out there. The bag feels ever so slightly like you’re taking your old wash bag out for the night, but I love it and love anything with Chinese-style embroidery so this a real win for me. In fact, I pretty much love everything Attico and the bags are one of the only vaguely accessible ways into the brand price wise. Although I’ll always regret not buying the past season yellow frill slip dress…

There are two types of people at new years. Those who wear sequins and those who don’t. While I tend to fall into the latter camp, I’m definitely not adverse to really pushing the glitter factor once in a while and December 31st might just be the best night of the year to do just that.

This Ganni dress, designed exclusively for Mytheresa, is almost a tomboy’s way into sequins. Baggy and t-shirt style, it’s sequins for loungewear lovers if you will. This is the kind of thing I’d wear for a dinner-based NYE, the kind of night when all the girls just agree to go for it, mostly because they all have something they want to wear they haven’t got another excuse to. I’m obsessed with these heels; they feel very Carrie Bradshaw to me (remember the episode when she gets her shoes nicked from a friend’s party) but I hate dancing/walking/anything in heels with a passion. Essentially I only wear them if I’m going to be standing still or sitting for most of the time. But with a dress like this, you need a heel (or a really clompy, DM-style boot) to make it work. Actually, even Converse would work with this… Ok I take it all back; wear whatever you want and this dress is going to look great. But the heels are beautiful in how simple they are so I’m sticking to them…

Worth mentioning that Mytheresa has a killer sale going on right now, just in time for all out NYE needs…. See ya Christmas money.




Camisole | Joseph 
Jeans | Re/Done 
Red boots | Acne 
Embroidered bag | Attico 
Necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Leather jacket | Redone 
Sequin dress | Ganni X My Theresa
Silver sandals | Aquazurra 
Star top | Rixo London

Ph. by Frances Davison
Created in collaboration with My Theresa