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Living the Cowboy Dream

So if you didn’t already guess, our trip to the Wild West wasn’t just about the amazing hotels we got to stay in.

Nope, the main reason was to fulfil a lifelong dream of traversing the American outback on horseback which I was lucky enough to finally make a reality thanks to Olympus cameras. Olympus offered me the chance to do something I’ve long wanted to do as part of their #PenPassionProject which essentially the most amazing project ever as the idea is to do something you’ve always wanted to do simply while using the Pen-F (that I already use and love) to document it. A real pinch me project if ever there was one… Thanks so growing up on a diet of Americana movies and westerns, Little House on the Prairie re-runs and living on a working farm, all I’ve ever wanted to do was have my very own cowboy moment in U.S. I’ve long been a huge fan of America and the ridiculously huge, sprawling open land. If you’ve grown up in England and three hours is considered a long drive, you can never quite get your head round the sheer magnitude of America’s national parks and states like Wyoming and Utah with just nothing but empty, beautiful land and dramatic views as far as the eye can see. And getting to ride through that and pretend I was a young Robert Redford’s love interest in The Horse Whisperer was just the cherry on top.

From Wyoming to Arizona, Utah to Colorado, this trip will stay with me forever. From the landscapes we rode through to the amazing and inspiring wranglers we rode out with, the whole trip was a dream come true. These are just a small selection of some of my favourite photos from the trip, all taken on the Olympus Pen-F.


All ph by myself and James Wright using the Olympus Pen-F
Thanks to Olympus for working with me on this hugely exciting project.