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Ready for Leather?

To me, Autumn really only begins when it’s cold enough for leather trousers. That to me is the when the new season really kicks off… And just like jeans, white t-shirts and leather jackets, leather trousers are one of those things that you never quite stop searching for that elusive ‘perfect’ pair.

Back in the day. I used to be all about the leather skinnies. Drainpipe leather or pleather pull-ons reminiscent of Ross from Friends that had to be peeled off and always got tucked into chunky biker boots. These days, I like my leather pants to be a little more tailored, a little looser, and a little more forgiving. Looser around the calf (in a streamlined way, never a baggy way), you want them to elongate your legs and work just as well in the day as they do at night (aka not scare your boss). Think about it, how often are you wearing skinny jeans these days? I’d hazard a guess not that often, so why would you want your leather to be gripping every single inch of your legs? Enter these guys from Joseph, which are as close to perfect in their buttery, 90s-style straight-leg way as I’m going to get this season I think. These are more Rachel in Friends, not Ross. Don’t get me wrong, their are some great faux leather ones on the high street, but if you’re in the market for proper, amazing quality leather that you’re going to wear for years, if not decades to come, these are it. I love the buttons, I love the simple seam across the knee, I love the shape, I love the fact they weren’t, as I feared, too long on me… The list goes on. I firmly believe in leather trousers working on just about everyone as long as they work with your style and fit in the right way. You don’t need to work in fashion or be under 30 (or under 60!) to make wipe-clean pants happen. I think people can sometimes think they feel kind of scary or intense to wear, like suddenly trying to wear a hat or a certain colour if you’re not used to it. But to me, they’re just an elevated take on black jeans really and add that great extra element of texture when teamed with tweed coats or shiny bomber jackets. Just avoid leather biker jackets; double leather is tricky at the best of times and will instantly make you feel like a member of the Village People. Not always a bad thing I’ll concede, but something to be aware of perhaps.

The only precaution I would issue is overheating on the tube/department stores: the amount of times I’ve almost passed out due to leather trouser induced heat stroke is a fair few. So the lesson is, if you’re racing around on the tube in rush hour and/or entering multiple heat-blasting shops, leave the leathers at home for the day. But after months and months of denim (not complaining), it feels kind of refreshing to have a different medium with which to play out the same kind of comfort-first uniforms.

And if this isn’t the time to match your jumper/bag/everything to trees and leaves, when is? I draw the line at pumpkin spiced lattes, but a pumpkin-spiced-polo neck? All the yeses to one of those.


Trousers | Joseph 
Knit | Joseph 
Boots | Dorateymur via Net-A-Porter
Rings | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Bag | Loewe 
Sunglasses | Folk & Frame 


Ph. by Frances Davison
Created in collaboration with Joseph