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Wilderness Festival 2017

A couple of weekends ago we headed to Wilderness festival in the Oxfordshire for two nights of the perfect balance of wellness and hedonism…. It’s my third time at Wildnerness and I really do love it. Unlike so many festivals, no one really goes for the music. Yes late nights in the valley are often home to some amazing dance music that keeps you going until dawn, and yes there are some fun acts on stage, but this isn’t Glastonbury. Instead it’s the food, the talks, the ridiculous, hysterical Club House entertainment (the word entertainment normally gives me shivers but not sure how else to describe hilarious rounds of musical chairs and never-ending Where’s Wally) that makes this festival so special. The lakeside spa,  the in-house festival postal service, the feasts, the anything-goes dress code, spontaneous danceathons… Wilderness really is a little bubble of eccentricity for the weekend.

One of my favourite Aussie hat brands Lack of Colour very sweetly supplied us with tickets and hats for the weekend, which turned out to be pretty useful given the on-off weather over the weekend. They also very put us up in a pub a few miles away from the festival which we felt pretty smug about when we woke up to a bit of a downpour on Saturday morning (sorry campers) and happily had a bath and tea in bed before trudging through the mud and pretending we’d hacked it all night long… We stayed at The Plough in Kingham which was perfectly located (if you can find somewhere in Charlbury that’s even closer) and we were in the annexe so we had our own front door so could come and go as we pleased.

During the day we headed to my favourite Mac & Cheese stand, listened into a talk on current affairs in the Forum (or ‘Are we Headed for another Cold War?’ to be precise), got to sample food from some of restaurants in London I’ve never made it into like Bao and Kricket, both delicious, watched random Wilderness hilarities and walked around the lake and generally took it easy. Come 5 pm, the rum and beers started flowing, we were bumping into friends left, right and centre, and the night generally descended to uncivilised fun. Pretty much, the ideal kind of festival for me….

I recently bought an Olympus Muji 35 mm camera on ebay and felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a trial run. Turns out it works perfectly and I’m so happy with all these pictures. It was so refreshing not checking every picture a la digital and then taking a tonne more. Just snapping and going was great and it has an in built flash which was great for the after dark moments.

Till’ next time Wilderness. Port Eliot is on hit-list for next year too….


Hats | Lack of Colour 
Embroidered jacket | Realisation Par
Khaki jacket | The Great 
Jeans | Redone 
T-shirt | Ganni
Polka dot camisole | H&M
Necklace | Catherine Zoraida 
Bag | Mansur Gavriel 
Wellies | Ilse Jacobsen 

Ph. by myself and James Wright