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Back to Black

It’s well-documented I love non-stretch vintage denim, but there’s no denying that at times, they’re about as comfortable as a straight jacket. So it’s kind of a refreshing change wearing jeans with no top button that needs undoing every time I sit down and not having to lie down to try them on for the first time. It’s been a while since I’ve worn black jeans but recently in London I’ve been regressing and reaching for these Frame cropped kick flares on the reg. I’m loving the stretch of them, they’re super flattering and I’m a magpie for anything with a buttonless zip like this at the moment. Plus, something about brown suede and vintage blue denim feels a little too literal cowboy at times, whereas these jeans add a bit of a sleeker, 70s twist to the whole thing. There’s almost a bit of an unintentional Starsky and Hutch vibe going on here (the car helps) that’s I’m always a fan of too…

I have guiltily been kind of enjoying the shitty London weather lately. I know, I know, I sound like a horrible spoilt brat implying I’ve had enough of summer just before I go to L.A *eye roll… But when I’m stressed-out and knackered as I have been lately, I love being able to have a bath in the evenings and get cosy on the sofa under a blanket with rain hammering down on our windows. I don’t know whether it’s because its reflecting my current state of mind or just makes bedtime feel ever more welcome after a long day, but I’m loving being able to wear proper pyjamas and generally shuffle round my flat like a pensioner once I’ve waded through half of my to-do list. And I know we’re still in August but after a lot of holiday mode wardrobe-speaking lately, I’m actually enjoying wearing a jacket and black denim rather than having legs out on a daily basis. I’m kind of surprising myself with this one as I always thought I could live barefoot and bikini-clad all year round if I could. Best get myself over to that Californian sunshine pronto and stop this metamorphosis from going any further….


Jacket | SET Fashion 
Bag | Gucci 
Jeans | Frame 
Shoes | St. Agni 
Tee | The Great 
Necklace | Catherine Zoraida
Earrings | Mango
Sunglasses | Rayban



Ph. by Frances Davison