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American Beauty

I love discovering new products while I’m travelling, almost as much as I like the clothes and the food and just about everything else about new places. L.A has no end of amazing beauty to discover, from great American brands that are worth ordering while you’re in town to save on shipping, to independent natural beauty from international brands in all the stores dotted around Venice and East L.A.

This time, I came back with a nice little load of new products that were easy to bring back in my suitcase too so win win.

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for anything with ‘Mermaid’ in the title when it comes to hair care. I have the salt spray by this same brand I mentioned here after my boyfriend bought some for me many moons ago. I love this all natural blend of oils for smoothing over my dry ends. After a really stressful end of 2016, my hair is still paying the price and has really thinned and changed as a result. Side note, huge thanks to the person on Youtube who told me my hair ‘looks dry and thin’ – I KNOW. Anywho, it’s no surprise therefore that I’m always looking for little nourishing extras that can help stop it breaking while also supplementing it from the inside with all the good kinds of food.

One of L.A’s bets exports Anine Bing’s debut fragrance smells like a rose garden after a rain storm and has a handy roll on rather than a spritz which really works for richer, floral scents like this. Love this packaging too and the travel size of it is really handy. If you’re already a fan of Bing’s lacy bralets, knitwear and studded boots, this is for you.

This nail polish brand from jewellery designer J. Hannah is really cult out in the states right now. It’s ‘seven free’ meaning it’s free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and parabens, not tested on animals and made in the states. These colours were exclusive to one of my favourite stores LCD on Abbott Kinney in Venice. I’m not a varnish wearer normally but loved this colour for toes and all of their other colours are just perfect for non-glossy people.

I’m tempted to say I’m a real Grown Alchemist fan, but truth be told I’m really just a fan of the packaging having only tried the hand cream previously. This organic, botanical-based brand that uses science to get the most out of plants does some amazing formulations I’ve been hearing a tonne about lately so I was really keen to pick some up. I decided to go for this Age-Repair mask which goes on more like a gel moistursier so you can wear on a plane or something without looking like a freak. Super nourishing, light and rejuvenating, this really helped pep up tired, greyish skin.  Although I technically bought this in the U.K, I’ve just realised it is in fact an Australian brand so my theme is slightly screwed…. Bummer.

I was a big fan of the Herbivore Botanicals pink clay soap once upon a time so immediately wanted to try this bar by Korean brand Binu Binu  I found in a ridiculously dreamy store in Culver City in L.A. You’d think soap would be drying but I find bars with pink clay really nourishing and they foam up really nicely too. Plus it looks so pretty by your taps in a lovely dish too.

RMS beauty is one of the best organic, ethical brands on the market at the moment and as yet I’ve tried pretty much zero of it. And I know, I know, this is basically raw, organic coconut oil packaged up but I couldn’t resist. I’ve been using it on my painfully dry, cracked cuticles and thumbs (it’s something I’ve suffered with for decades), lips and elbows etc, etc, etc. A great all-rounder that looks much prettier and more portable than a jumbo jar of coconut oil in your kitchen.