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Summer Jeans, Two Ways

It’s no secret I love jeans. Can’t live without jeans might be a more accurate description. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a blue wash/white t-shirt rut in the summer. Even on scorching days in London, I’ll instinctively reach for some kind of denim, maybe a skirt or shorts and a white tee. It’s a reflex I have to try and keep in check sometimes and these two denim ‘twists’ (or twisty for me at least) have been doing just that lately.

If you follow my insta stories, you will have seen I have a think for polka dot camisoles, although on there I’ve been wearing this one and another more caramel coloured one over a snugly fitted white t-shirt. That’s been my favourite way to get more wear from favourite slinky pieces of late. It’s also good if you don’t know what weather is going to do or have plans after work; just take the t-shirt off and stuff it in your bag when you’ve had enough. I had holidays or just warm, summer nights at home in mind for this one and ditched the tee in favour of showing a little more skin. Jeans let you get away with that. I would never really want to wear this with anything else come to think of it. To me, denim is the perfect base with which to pair anything that shows a little more or pushes you out of your comfort zone. They’re like the perfect base camp from which to push the boat out once in a while…

Classic Castaner wedges and dinky Gucci bag are all I felt this needed. I’d wear this to a pretty much anything; sitting outside a pub, a barbecue with friends or a work dinner. It’s a little fancy for the pub and little dressed down for dinner so it kind of toes the line for everything.

Jeans | Re/Done 
Wedges | Castaner 
Top | Zimmerman (on sale and going fast…)
Bag | Gucci 
Shades | Gucci 
Jacket | Coach
Necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma horn + Theodora Warre St. Christopher 

I have a really affinity for anything mustard coloured right now. I’m already anticipating this kind of palette for Autumn with all the tobaccos, warm yellows and tans. These jeans are by one of my favourite brands of the moment, Simon Miller. I love its laid back fusion of New York and L.A style and it’s famous bucket bag remains one of my favourite bags on the market. I know what you’re thinking; you slipped straight back into the white t-shirt rut! I hold my hands up to that but in my defence, I am wearing heels. HEELS! I am not a huge heels person day to day. I love beautiful shoes (preferably a comfy block heel or mule) for events or nighttime stuff, but I never wear heels during the day in the summer. However these mules may have changed my mind… They’re so comfy and well-cut they don’t feel like heels at all (and yes, I’m aware I sound like a geriatric describing shoes) but still add that little bit of something extra to a basic ensemble. One of those things that might feel ever so slightly more conspicuous to yourself, but they just subtly elevate and blend in perfectly. As far as designer shoes go too, I think these are a good price.

Yellow jeans | Simon Miller 
Mules | Mercedes Castillo
Tee | Uniqlo
Jacket | Old Maje 
Bag | Coach 
Sunglasses | Rayban 



Ph. by Frances Davison