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Happy Last Moments in Greece

I’ve been pretty stressed and anxious lately, as well as coming down with a summer cough-cold last week, so what better time to pull together some of my happiest pics and memories from Zakynthos for my final post from Greece.

This trip is still succeeding in making me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I look back at the shots and call to mind those sun-drenched days, endless chats and belly laughs. Obviously a linen stripy dress, earrings that look like sunshine and a wheat field in 30 degree heat help those happy vibes, but the girls I was with definitely made the trip for me. It can be kind of lonely at times doing what we do; you spend a lot of time working, deliberating and worrying alone, so finding a tight-knit friendship circle within the same industry is something I’m definitely not taking for granted. We’re all so different in some ways, different focuses, different ages, different goals, and yet all so similar in others and being able to celebrate the differences as well as the stuff that unites us is what I think made this little group feel pretty special. I often leave group trips like this on edge; the introvert in me comes out and makes me worry about what I said, did or didn’t do and ultimately retreat into my little hermit hole for 24 hours afterwards and nurse my introvert hangover for a while. But on this trip, I got home and actually missed my four musketeers and our daily antics and was spared from any of the post group hangout anxieties. Ok soppiness over, but you know, I feel like I’m always faced with people waxing lyrical or praising their romantic relationships online so I thought, why not spend a teeny amount of time doing the same for the friendships in your life that make you feel just as good…

I would say anyone would struggle to be in a bad mood with a pair of these Katerina Makriyianni wool earrings hanging from their ears…. I’m so obsessed with these right now, especially on holiday. I normally hate statement jewellery with swimwear (bit too Love Island if you ask me, no offence Ambs), but these look so good with summer stuff. Maybe it’s the fact they’re wool rather than anything too blingy, but they just work with little linen dresses and crochet bikinis perfectly and manage to toe that tricky line between statement and low-key just right. Just don’t forget to take them out before you dive in…

On our last night, Peligoni put on something pretty special for us….

We headed off on a (easy) 40 minute walk through meadows and woods before arriving at and old, deserted monastery perched on a cliff above the sea. A picture-perfect dinner table was set up complete with blankets, candles in hurricane lamps, festoon lights strung overhead and bottles of rose ready and waiting. I mean, the romance levels of this set-up are definitely up there but it 100% wasn’t wasted on us lot who ended up getting kind of soppy and loved-up with one another instead!

A freak mist descended on the night we were there, so much so the surrounding pine trees and tartan blankets made it look more like Christmas in Scotland than summer in Greece. The whole evening was so dreamy and the perfect way to end our trip. This is the first year Peligoni are offering a proper three course dinner at the monastery rather than just canapes and its 100% worth doing it if you can.

A huge thank you to the wonderful Peligoni for looking after us so well in Zakynthos and these amazing women, Liv, Katherine, Frances and Julia for making it the best few days. The countdown is on to next year’s trip now….

Stripe dress | Reformation 
Backpack | Need Supply
Earrings | Katerina Makriyianni at Net-a-Porter
Hat | Lack of Colour 
White shirt | Zulu & Zephr 
Pale blue tea dress | Rouje 
White trainers | Senso 




Ph. by myself and Frances Davison