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Haircare Products for that ‘I Just Rolled Out of Bed’ Look

I very sweetly get lots of questions about my hair, in terms of how I get it looking, well, not done. Truth be told, I do very little. I never use heat on my own hair and don’t really style it as such. However, I do rely on a plethora of products to help it along while air drying and basically let it look natural, with a bit of help. I like the think that last bit is a good mantra for life to be honest!

These are the products I rely on on the good hair days and the bad; the potions and lotions that essentially let me get away with being lazy and eternally in a hurry. Mostly styling products to help get hair to that easy, breezy place with a natural wave and zero frizz, but a few of the products are directly associated with being blonde and trying to maintain those sunny, light tones and stop them from go


Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence


This is one of those all-in-one, spritz-all-over kind of products to add nutrients, strengthen and protect hair before you start brushing, combing and drying. It’s a good size for travel and generally just makes hair easier to brush through with a tangle teaser (another must) after washing. Anyone else with bleached, fine hair will know anything to make that process easier is a winner. One of those little things that do a lot both that day and long term.

Ouai Wave Spray

I’ve touted this stuff before but it really is great. It’s not your classic salty wave spray and all the better for it. I think you can use this on dry hair but I actually spritz on wet hair and then just let it dry naturally, as always. I might not use this everyday (again, lazy) but if I need a good hair day, this is definitely something I reach for.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

I’m not a huge fan of salt spray, especially when my hair is in bad condition as it is right now. Say ‘beachy’ to lots of hairdressers and you’ll end up with a head full of salt which I hate. I need to be able to run my hands through. If you really want a little biut of texture and waxiness for flyaway hair, this is one of my favourite salt sprays. It spritz’s on really fine and light so ideal for just adding a little something to ends. Plus it looks great on a shelf which is always a bonus I reckon.

Christophe Robin Volumizing Mist with Rose Water

I’m obsessed with this stuff and use it religiously. It’s super light, smells amazing and succeeds in adding just a little bit of extra volume without being sticky or clawing. If I had to only choose two of the products from this list it would probably be this and a cream or oil for the ends. All you need for that kind of messy, natural look we all like.

Klorane Mango Butter Leave-In Cream


Without some kind of smoothing cream or oil, my hair is pure frizz right now. I have very fine, straight hair but naturally have quite coarse, frizzy texture to it. It’s a weird mix to be honest. If I brush my hair after being in a top knot… HELLO CANDY FLOSS. So anything that tames, smoothes and nourishes the ends is much needed. I’ve been using Kerastase Nutritive MagistralCreme and Ouai Hair Oil but this recently came into my clutches and I’m loving it. Smells good enough to eat and works wonders at smoothing and sealing cuticles while still being light and not weighing hair down or making it feel greasy.

Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender

Christophe Robin is one of my favourite hair care brands so it’s not surprising there are two of his products are in here. This is a really, really thick hair oil that I use before shampooing or overnight. For me, it’s way to heavy and gloopy to use as a normal styling hair oil but it’s amazing for treating badly damaged hair and getting it back into good condition. I really slap this on so my hair is slick (sleep with a towel over your pillow if you’re worried about your sheets) and sleep in the stuff once a week or I just put all over the mid lengths and ends just before shampooing. I love it for a overnight treatment because it’s lavender oil so it’s got that bedtime scent to it all too.


Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk


The best dry shampoo, period. It’s not talcy or clawing, doesn’t leave you with a really white parting and is easy to brush through hair. And obvi does the job of soaking up greasy patches and making second day hair wearable again. I think the the oat milk addition makes it less drying and more nourishing too which is good seeing as I tend to avoid dry shampoo when my hair’s unhappy as it can often dry it out even more. Good old French Pharmacy brands; they know what’s up. But Klorane is at Boots in the U.K now too so you don’t need a Eurostar ticket to get hold of it…

Rahua Colour Full Shampoo and Conditioner 

All of this has been about what I do after washing, but I thought it worth mentioning this duo that I’ve been using in the shower lately. I’ll concede I’m not that loyal with shampoos and conditioners; I might go back to favourites but I normally have two or three on the go in the shower guiltily. However these two have really stuck out lately and I feel like I have a good hair day whenever I use these. I always feel brighter, blonder and shinier after using and the conditioner is one of those that doesn’t look or feel that creamy but a little goes a long way and it works like a charm. I’m normally kind of nervous purple shampoos and conditioners but these aren’t harsh or full of chemicals and feel amazing. Expensive, yes? But I will say it really, really feels it which lets be honest, is always nice when you’re dropping that much on shampoo. Granted not everyone wants to spend that much on shampoo and conditioner, but if you’re a hair junkie like me I highly recommend this duo.

Christophe Robin Baby Blonde 

Lastly, this little gem is definitely worth giving some airtime. I know, I know, more Robin but I promise it’s worth it… This is a great blonde product; it’s a nourishing mask with the added bonus of violet tinting and brightening qualities, essentially getting rid of any brassiness or yellow tones. I use this probably once a week and because I’m lazy, I only really leave on for five minutes but you can leave on for up to 30 minutes if you really need a boost of lightness and brightness. I mix a tiny bit in with the Robin Low Shampoo for damaged hair sometimes to help it lather…. It really helps keep colour bright for longer so you’re not longing for more colour two weeks after having it done, which seems to be the story of my life thanks to my mousy hair seemingly dissolving highlights at times.