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Aegean Pirates

You could probably tell from my instagram feed while in Greece that we spent a good amount of our time either in or on the water… I love nothing more than being out on the water for a few hours, sailing or speeding between islands and beaches as the day starts to cool down.

Luckily, Peligoni has the same idea. There’s no end of boats and toys on which to sail the Aegean seas. Heading out on the cusp of sundown on Peligoni’s own converted fishing boat Odyssey was one of the highlights of our time there. It’s things like this that really make Peligoni different from another villa holiday; you have access to lots of extra treats and outings that would be harder to get sorted if you were staying independently. We set sail down the coast of Zakynthos with champagne and canapes, pretending we were all far more glamorous than we really are for two hours. We even spotted dolphins from afar… Doesn’t get dreamier than that.

The water in Zakynthos is beyond magical; it’s really like nowhere else I’ve been. Just as blue and even clearer than the Maldives, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed swimming more. I’m not the best swimmer in terms of stamina, but I turned into a total water baby on this trip.  Jumping, diving and swimming off boats was one of the highlights of our trips. We headed out to Shipwreck Beach early one morning, early being the operative word. The crowds are pretty extreme and to me, the shipwreck a little underwhelming – next time I’d go the vantage point on the cliff above and see it from there instead. However, circling the coastline’s famous blue caves for swims through the perfect water, so salty you can float so easily, was amazing. There’s the opportunity to cliff jump and swim into caves (I can’t pretend I did the former!) and generally live out those childhood mermaid fantasies. I swear swimming in seas like that every day adds years to your life…. Yet another reason to find my imaginary Mama Mia house in Greece pronto.

It was these days and moments that really cemented Zakynthos as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and Peligoni as one of the places I most want to return to. I felt properly at home as soon as I arrived couldn’t have loved the surrounding coastline more… There was something really ‘cleansing’ for want of a better word about swimming in that sea and then drying off at Peligoni with a smoothie or a margarita in tow. Ok maybe the margaritas aren’t cleansing in the literal way but I definitely felt like a new person every time I hauled myself out of the salty sea.

Liv, Julia, Katherine and Frances sitting pretty on our aquatic travels…  That shot of Liv in the tiered dress at the end; what a stunner!

Wrap dress | Faithfull the Brand 
Gold hoops | Uno de 50
White frayed shirt | Zulu & Zephr
Yellow crochet bikini | Stella McCartney
Yellow wool earrings | Katerina Makriyianni via Net-A-Porter
Sunglasses | Rayban 
Crochet bikini top | Free People

Ph. by myself and Frances Davison.