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Summer in the City

Coloured denim comes and goes, and while I might eternally be haunted by trying to make lemon yellow skinnies happen 10 years ago, as soon as I saw these strawberry-coloured kick flares I was sold.

Maybe it’s a reaction to getting very close to turning into a pair of faded blue Levis/Redones over the last 6 months, but something about these feel fresh and retro all at once. Exactly what you want to throw on on those city days when you’re not sure if it’s going to be mild, warm or melting, Plus I do get some kind of cheap thrill from making as many versions of jeans and t-shirts happen as humanly possible. Faded raspberry denim is just the latest way to pretend I’m doing something different, when in fact I’m an comfy and lazy as ever.

I’m also massively into monochrome polka dots (always come summer) and the latest little mini add-on I’m loving is this silky Uniqlo scarf tied around low and top knots. Cheap as chips, there’s something sweet, kitsch and kind of gypsy-ish about it especially with the gold hoops, albeit in a very minimal way. Maybe it’s something about making London’s streets feel more like the riviera, or maybe it’s just because it’s a very adept way of disguising split ends or second-day hair. Or maybe it’s because it’s yet another way to tweak the simplest of looks with minimal muss or fuss. Not going to pretend the new little mini Gucci baby doesn’t help either….

Jeans | Frame  (On Sale!)
Bag | Gucci 
Tee | Brandy Melville 
Slides | Saint Laurent 
Hair scarf | Uniqlo 
Sunnies | Rayban 
Hoops | Dinny Hall
Choker | Cat Bird 
St. Christopher Necklace | Theodora Warre

Ph. by Frances Davison