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You’re Golden

I spoke about that golden light in Monday’s monster Cuixmala post, but I felt like these shots really sum it up.

Is there anything that feels more holiday than a backless dress, grecian sandals, no makeup and beach bird’s nest hair. To me, this is one of those looks that can be assembled on any budget and always looks kind of expensive. Not that that’s ever the goal to be honest, but expensive in a Joanna Lumley in a vintage Mercedes kind of way rather than a flashy ‘look how much I spent’ kind of way. Cat eye sunglasses and a mid-length black linen frock will do that to you.

I used to be so scared of mid length skirts (cankles are a running fear in my family) but now I’ve rediscovered them in a big way. I’ve never been a huge fan of my knobbly knees and if you want to show a bit (or a lot) of skin on your top half, something longer feels actually cooler and sexier than anything mini. If this dress was exactly the same but with a shorter length, it just wouldn’t be as great if you ask me. We’ve got so attuned to associating summer with bare legs but bare backs and bare shoulders are having a moment (always are if you ask me), which is maybe why longer length skirts are appealing more than ever. You know me, ever the balancer outer.

I love this look so much and with trips planned to Portugal, Greece and maybe Ibiza in the coming months (not that I’m excited or anything), it’s a silhouette I fear I might be repeating a lot throughout these golden months.

Black dress | Posse 
Shoes | Ancient Greek 
Bag | Mango 
Sunglasses | Gucci 
Necklaces | Theodora Warre 

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Ph. Jamie Wright on the Olympus Pen-F