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Take Five | Summer Feels Beauty

Whether you’re jetting off to the heat or staying put with no time off in sight, here’s five beauty products guaranteed to give you that ‘out of office’ feeling. I use all of these at home but also felt kind of blasphemous not packing them for a hot holiday so they’ve come with me to Mexico this week. Needless to say, I’m not the light-packing kind…

Nars Monoi Body Glow Oil


First up, Nars’ so-good-it’s-almost-edible body oil. This stuff smells nutty and spicy, like warm sun cream, chai tea and hot skin and is exactly the kind of thing you want to massage into bare legs at this time of the year. I love it after a day in the sun to add a little bit of fragrance, moisture and sheen to skin and it smells exactly how you want it to on a warm, balmy night. It’s made by soaking the Tahitian gardenia in coconut extract for 10 days (yum) and is known for its restorative powers. Plus you can’t go wrong with that beautiful packaging on a shelf either.


Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water 


I use this Spring water facial spray all year round, along with the Avene Skin recovery cream and cleanser. It’s a brilliant, gentle toner that boosts hydration in an instant. Plus, it really comes into it’s own on a hot day just abut anywhere. From getting home in a sweaty heap after commuting, to catching a few too many rays (we’ve all been there), this works wonders. it’s cooling, really pure and natural and ideal for reducing redness and irritation. It’s become a real hero product for me of late so can’t recommend enough.


Ouai Wave Spray

I’ve written about this stuff and Ouai as a whole before, but I couldn’t talk about vacay-feels beauty without referencing this stuff. I use it everyday at home to give those non-crunchy, slightly-textured waves and have been suing it just the same while on holiday. To be honest, it just helps exaggerate my natural hair without making it greasy in any way. I hate using product you can feel and this is so light it almost feels refreshing for hair after a day on the beach (and a tonne of conditioner). I spritz all over towel dried, combed hair and then shake my hair around a bit to loosen it all up.

Chanel Blue Serum


I’ve really honed down my skincare regime of late and it’s really working for me (phew), but now I’ve got my skin back on track I’m able to mix in the odd new product to work with where I am and what my skins doing. Which is lucky because I’m a bit of a skincare junkie. Chanel’s new ‘it’ product is it’s Blue Serum which essentially does what it says on the tin. While I’ve been away and in the sun, my usual Vitamin C serum feels a tiny bit too astringent for freshly-freckled skin, whereas this feels really cooling and replenishing. I love it combined with a few drops Darphin’s Tangerine Aromatic Face Oil. The latter smells so citrusy, like an orchard in Seville or cocktail hour in Mexico, so it ticks that holiday box while again packing a punch in terms of nourishing your skin the natural way.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Dry Oil 

This is the most ‘holiday in a bottle’ of the lot. Combining Tom Ford’s iconic ‘Soleil Blanc’ scent with a dry oil texture, this is dreamy for spraying on honeyed limbs at the end of a day on the beach – or just making it feel like you have been doing just that when in fact you’ve just had a bath after a day on the sofa. The only thing I don’t love is it feels quite aerosol-y to apply, but once on it smells amazing and doesn’t soak into clothes or drip all over your bathroom floor like other oils can. If you’re not familiar with how Soleil Blanc smells, think coconuts, sun cream, jasmine and vanilla. Aka HEAVEN.


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What’s your favourite potion or product guaranteed to put you in holiday mode?