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Three Suitcase Staples

While I’m trawling through thousands of photos from beautiful Cuixmala in Mexico to share with you guys, I thought I’d share three go-to holiday looks with you in the meantime. The kind of things my suitcase is never without, and while the items themselves might change or get updated, these are the pieces I rarely travel without.

First up, the little red dress. Bright red is a real favourite summer colour of mine. I don’t know if it’s being blond or having yellow-toned skin, but I feel like this colour really shows off my tan and makes me feel super summery. Especially apt in the likes of Mexico when it feels almost rude not to wear colour to match the vividly painted walls, textiles and bougainvillea that grows almost like weeds everywhere. Long and strappy, short and wraparound or long sleeves and mini like this one, I normally end up having a handful of scarlet dresses rolled up in my case by the time the holiday rolls around. This one from John Lewis’ latest in-house brand launch And/Or is particularly ideal for chucking on over bikinis at the end of the day. It’s lightweight cheesecloth so it feels really breezy and good on hot skin after a long day on the beach. and it has that kind of hippy found-in-a-market vibe without being too much of a throwback or covered in tassels, fringing and/or crochet. I’m a fan of opposites as you know so long sleeves and barely butt-covering length is a winning combo if you’re petite like me.

Next up, Jenifer Aniston’s favourite and less soccer-mom than you might think; khaki trousers. If I’m travelling somewhere really hot where I know I’m not going to want to wear jeans at all all week, this is what I wear on the plane. Unless I really need to (meaning I’m knackered and have zero cares), I tend to avoid wearing leggings to the airport although I might sometimes change into them or tracksuit bottoms once on the plane if it’s a 12+ hour journey. Instead, a good pair of slouchy khakis with an oversized white tee, cashmere jumper and leather jacket tends to be my go-to airport outfit. I can’t guarantee it will give you an upgrade (still waiting for that one) but it’s comfortable, satisfyingly classic looking and comes in handy when you get to your final destination too unlike those black skinny jeans. They’re godd for wearing on colder evenings or when out and about if you need/want to be a bit more covered. And I eternally love how noughties they are and make you feel like Rachel Green or the fifth member of All Saints.

Lastly, the stripe t-shirt. Fitted, oversized, long sleeve, short sleeve… Stripes are always a go-to of mine and I can’t not pack a few for a week long trip. I love throwing on a baggy tee with bikini bottoms for a beer at the end of the day, or wearing a stripe jumper with denim shorts and trainers for exploring away from the beach. This And/Or one is half t-shirt/half sweater in that it has mid-length sleeves and is the kind of length made for knotting and tucking.

Throw in slip dresses, denim cut offs and a tonne of bikinis and you’ve pretty much got my entire suitcase laid out.

More from Mexico soon….

Red dress | And Or
Hat | Janessa Leone
St. Christopher Necklace | Theodora Warre
Red cropped top | Faithfull The Brand
Khaki Trousers | And Or
Straw round bag | Posse
Stripe t-shirt | And Or
Stripe bikini bottoms | Peony Swimwear
Mini straw bag | Asos
Metal frame sunglasses | Rayban via ASOS
ope Sandals | Nomadic State of Mind 



Ph. by James Wright using the Olympus Pen-F
Created in collaboration with John Lewis And/Or