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Cuixmala’s Playas

I mentioned Cuixmala’s private playas in Monday’s post and with so many photos, I felt like they deserved their own blog post. We spent four days on the beaches, each so different but both about 30 minutes drive from Casa Cuixmala. We loved cruising around in our rental 4×4 through the palm trees and along dirt tracks with the windows down to the beach… Nothing beats spying that slither of turquoise through the trees for the first time, wondering what you’re in store for and your expectations being exceeded.

The first one we went to was called Caleta Blanca. While the beach in front of Cuixmala is a no-go zone for swimming, this is ideal in that it’s perfectly calm, sheltered and wave free. It almost looks like Ibiza from the shore with it’s indigo bay, distant islands and dry scrubland surrounding it. This is barefoot luxury at its best. Sun beds and canvas umbrellas line the beach and you can order a Pacifico as soon as you dump your bag down. Coconuts on tap, fresh ceviche and a deliciously smelling barbecue for grilling shrimps and quesadillas behind the scenes; this is the ultimate spoiling, get-away-from-it-all-beach. There’s also a pretty dreamy speed boat you can hire to go out and about (with a skipper) around the islands on. That was one of my favourite mornings, pretending I was way more glamorous than I am while my hair turned into a birds nest, watching Jamie dive in while I played hooky on dry land boat after briefly getting in and freezing my butt off immediately. In my defence the water really was baltic on the boat but looked mighty pretty so I’ll let it off. You get taken around all the different islands filled with caves, birds and more cacti than you can count. Oh and the pelican watching here is nuts… I swear they’re pterodactyls in disguise.

The second beach was Playa Escondida (not be confused with Puerto Escondido – another Mexican spot I really want to go to). This was the more wild and rugged of the two private playas, and though so hard to choose, I might have to say this was my favourite… Only because it is totally private, there’s no service or staff (there is a bathroom don’t fret, and bamboo-clad open shower), so you really do feel like you’re somewhere totally special, like you’re own little corner of the earth for a day. Aside from a few palm-leaf parasols and primary coloured daybeds (naturally), you are alone with the roaring sea and hoards of birds. You could imagine this beach being exactly how it is now a thousand years ago – literally untouched paradise. The swell here is bigger than Caleta Blanca so it’s not so much of a swimming spot, but we decided dunking in that wild sea for just for a minute probably adds a year or two to your life, it’s so good and refreshing. Up there as the best bit of Playa Escondida is the picnic the lovely guys at Cuixmala send you off with… Box after box of delicious sandwiches, salad, fruit, veggies, beers, sodas and the ultimate brownies. Enid Blyton would approve for sure. No champagne or silver service needed to make this one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been and I’ve now added this to my ‘best meals of all time’ list… Sometimes the simplest things really are the things you’ll remember for years to come.

It really was the dreamiest day hanging out here. We were torn as to which we preferred; Jamie loved Caleta Blanca while I lost my heart to Puerta Escondida so 100% no trip to Cuixmala would be complete without sampling both at least twice if you can…

Pink linen shirt | Asceno 
Straw hat | Janessa Leone
Red bikini | Love Stories 
Stripe bikini | Zimmerman 
Stripe oversized shirt | Mes Demoiselles at Beach Flamingo 
White bikini | Peony (similar from ASOS here)
Gingham Dress | Urban Outfitters 
Gingham cropped top | Mango (similar in red here)
Denim shorts | Re/done 
Stripe t-shirt | And/Or 
White wrap skirt | Gap 
Black ribbed tank top | Urban Outfitters 
Necklace | Theodora Warre 
Straw bag | Posse 
Large beach bag | Mango 
Leather slides | Saint Laurent



Ph. myself and Jamie Wright using the Olympus Pen-F, Olympus OM-1 and Contax G2.