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Spring Clean

I think I’ve found the solution to wardrobe fatigue (just me?) and that’s dressing like you’re on holiday at home.

Blue jeans, ‘it’ (ick) bags, leather jackets…. After weeks of not-winter, not-yet-summer weather, I’m feeling pretty weary when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I’m a massive a wimp when it comes to being cold, so a bare leg is only an option in London if it is actually boiling, but equally I feel like I might be about to turn into a pair of vintage blue Levis if I’m not careful. Thankfully, it’s officially white jeans season again which is the perfect way to feel Spring clean without having to shave, exfoliate and fake tan before hand.

These Acne boy-style ripped jeans have been in my wardrobe for years now but I still look forward to wearing them  after a winter tucked away. There are errand-running days when all you need/want to wear are jeans, a t-shirt and massive tote bag you can just chuck everything in with zero cares given. The amount of free tote bags I’ve picked up over the years that end up looking grubby and manky after one too many trip on the tube is kind of ridiculous, and yet we all need that go-to bag for chucking gym kit in (unlikely) or returning an online order of clothes you don’t need in your lunch break (likely). Plus we all need that bag that can roll and fold into a suitcase or even just a handbag to save the planet and our 5ps when that shopping urge/need to buy tooth paste strikes. So this MAX&Co bag is actually a bit of a breath of fresh air right now and something I’ve come to grab on the reg only to stuff with just about every essential and non-essential you can think of. After buying three prints and two bowls in Rome and having to buy an actual new suitcase to get them home, I’m now a firm believer in travelling with an extra overspill bag for those ‘just in case’ repacking moments.

I love lazy, holiday dressing like this at home at this time of year. The jacket/cardigan feels just right for this weather, converse as ever are just right for everything and everything feels understated in just the right way. It makes me want to tick off my to-do list and change the sheets all at once which is always a nice feeling.


Jacket | Max & Co
Jeans | Acne (similar here)
Tee | Reformation
Trainers | Converse
Necklace | Theodora Warre
Bag | Max & Co




Ph. by Frances Davison 

Created in collaboration with Max & Co