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Bonjour Gabrielle

When Chanel invites you take their brand new hero bag out for a spin, you say ‘Oui’. So say salut to Miss Gabrielle, Chanel’s newest classic…

I’m a huge lover of a good classic Chanel bag (give me a gold chain handle and that CC logo any day), so I love how vintage these bags look. From the 90s-inspired rucksack to the mini drawstring pouch bag, this new collection could have stepped straight out of some amazing collector’s retro wardrobe. Instead, they’re all sitting pretty in Chanel stores as we speak.

I also got to play dress up in two amazing Chanel jackets. I never had myself down as the tweed jacket type. I think they look amazing on others but on me, I always thought they were just a bit too chic to be honest. Too refined and smart for a scruff like me. But as soon as I tried on this technicolour rainbow beauty (Joseph’s got nothing on this), I changed my mind…. Turns out they get along with white tees and need-a-wash jeans just fine. Alas, I had to give them both back at the end of the shoot but getting to wear them for an hour and having people in the street momentarily thinking it was in fact my jacket was enough.

I found myself naturally going a bit grungy with these bags in tow. I think it’s that innate thing in me that has to balance out the highs with the lows so I inevitably end up dressing down a pieces like these beautiful Chanel bags as much as humanly possible. But then isn’t that how we all naturally dress? Save up and spend on that treasure-it-forever bag, wear high street and trusty denim staples the rest of the time. That’s certainly how I end up shopping and dressing anyway so I kind of like that I subconsciously ended up teaming these new Chanel beauties with lots of high street and wardrobe staples like ReDone jeans, tea dresses and white t-shirts. My Tophop red Maggie boots are still going strong too as you can see, one year after getting them… Proof that if you’re careful, even high street doesn’t need to be fast, disposable fashion.

Thanks for having me play dress up Chanel, always a huge pleasure.

Jacket | Chanel
Jeans | Redone
Tee | Old Reformation (similar here)
Boots | Kurt Geiger
Bag | Chanel Gabrielle
Necklace | Theodora Warre
Sunglasses | Rayban

Jacket | Chanel
Tee | Reformation
Jeans | Redone
Boots | Topshop
Bag | Chanel Gabrielle

Dress | Topshop 
Jacket | Mango
Trainers | Converse
Bag | Chanel Gabrielle



Ph. by Frances Davison