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The Goldeneye Lagoon

I briefly touched on the amazingness of Goldeneye’s lagoon in my last Jamaica post, but I figured it was so great and we spent so much time next to it, on it and in it I thought it deserved it’s own dedicated blog post.

Goldeneye’s lagoon is what really steals the show in Oracabessa. So much so, we quickly realised it was here we wanted to spend the majority of our time. After paddle boarding along its perfect, calm circumference on our second day, we were hooked and were out on the water as much as we could be, if only because those paddle boards make excellent tanning decks and core work outs. Shallow much?! We had grand plans of trying out our downward dogs on the paddle boards but never quite got round to that what with  the beach calling our name and another coconut waiting for us…

This natural lagoon starts from under the main show-stopping bridge when you first walk into Goldeneye, and winds through back through the trees, past the spa and the lagoon-side villas, until it reaches the sea once again at Lagoon Beach. Paddle-boarding or kayaking is the only we to get a proper nose at the lagoon villas and the beautiful spa too – I would have way more pics for you but I managed to misplace the waterproof film camera I used while out there which is pretty gutting (if it turns up, I’ll post a little update of film shots). When we were there, the weather was a little unsettled and breezy so the sea was verging on rough on the main beach, but the lagoon remained the epitome of calm no matter the weather with perfectly flat water ideal for amateur paddle-boarders like us. Being out in the crystal natural lagoon also lets you have a nosy at the Lagoon rooms (in a word, heaven) and the most beautiful spa perched on the water. Paddle all the way around the lagoon and out into the open where you can make your way towards James Bond Beach or just flop onto lagoon beach with its so-laidback-its-Horizontal Bamboo bar. Sun, sea and ‘SUPing’ in Jamaica… Pretty much my dream day right there.


Navy satin ruffle dress | Cloe Cassandro
Blue embroidered dress | March 11
Hat | Janessa Leone 
Printed bikini | Asceno 
Stripe shirt | H&M (bought three or four sizes too big!)
Backpack | Need Supply 
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Leather sandals | Ancient Greek 
Stripe bikini | Peony Swimwear 
Phoebe’s bikini | Pandora Sykes X Hunza G