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Robe Life

You might have realised by now that I have, amongst many others, two pretty obvious weaknesses; a good hotel and daywear that looks like nightwear. So finding a cardigan that feels as good as slipping into a really, really good hotel robe was a bit of a no-brainer purchase.

One thing I love about Spring in London is the ability to wear thick knits and jumpers without a coat or, a coat with simply a t-shirt underneath. I love a good long coat with short skirt look too but haven’t quite braved bare legs on the reg just yet… So this Acne ‘robe’ ticked all my boxes, including my inner eternal box of ‘is it 70s enough?’. This and my new Loewe espadrilles have been two favourite spoiling purchases of mine and are pretty much the only thing I wanted to throw on in the morning and slope around town in. I’m forever a fan of items that are unflashy and introverted in their aesthetic but somehow make the most basic of get-ups feel that bit more elevated and grown-up. No logos, no distinctive hardware, no obvious signs of what things cost and yet there’s something about these kind of pieces that just make you feel a million bucks, even when they cost far from it.

I feel like pieces like this are a great entry point into buying designer too. While I’m a huge advocate for spending on boots and bags and saving on the rest, items like this can be more affordable ways into favourite spenny brands and if you look after them, the resale value on stuff like this is normally pretty good too. The fact these are both so neutral and classic means you get a lot of cost per wear from them too – there’s nothing ‘trophy’ about either of these, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Although it goes without saying, these feel far more special to me that any studded it bag or sequinned dress. Maybe ‘trophy’ and ‘hero’ items don’t have to be the show-stoppers… Maybe the real heroes are they things that make you feel brilliant from the inside out with zero need to shout about it.

Cardigan | Acne 
Jeans | ReDone
Shoes | Loewe
Bag | MeliMelo
Pendant necklace | Theodora Warre 
Sunglasses | Rayban @ ASOS 
Watch | Larsson & Jennings 



Ph. by Frances Davison