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Struggling not to turn into living, breathing mashed potato despite those new year’s resolutions? Same. If it wasn’t for three weeks in L.A and Jamaica I’d be a walking pile of buttery carbs by now, as per every January, but now I’m back on home soil and keen to keep on top of staying active as the year progresses. For me, a massive part of being motivated is the right gear and putting it on first thing in the morning is sometimes the only way I’ll get round to 5 pm pilates or just walking to the tube rather than driving.

Enter Nike’s new collection of compression tights that quite literally hug and hold you in exactly where you want them too. Possibly the comfiest work out leggings I’ve ever had and, thanks to making you feel extra light and springy, a massive incentive to get your ass into gear. After giving up on running once and for all, I went for the training tights which are ideal for any kind of mat work, HIT training or pilates etc, all of which have become my go-tos when I want to up my game. Even if you work out at home like me, I’ve realised having a few pieces of great workout gear really helps keep me on the straight and narrow. FKA Twigs is the creative director and face of the new Nike campaign and one look at her moves in the video is enough to make me want to jump off the sofa and launch in squats immediately.

I think with anything in life, visualisation is key for when it comes to staying motivated. I find visualising doing something, whether it’s travelling somewhere or doing a new skill more, well, skilfully, really helps to actually make that thought a reality. The same is true with working out. Visualising going to the gym, visualising pushing yourself further than before in there (even if all we want to do is crawl home and hide under a duvet) and how you’re going to feel immediately afterwards and by the time that holiday rolls around in a few months. All of those visuals and beliefs result in tangible, physical actualities in my experience and the right kit only helps to reach that metaphorical finish line on a daily basis. And, even if work outs are few and far between, tights this flattering are definitely a marked improvement on my collection of baggy, saggy loungewear and look just as good out of the house as they feel inside it.

Trainers | Nike 
Leggings | Nike 
Jacket | Mother 
Hoodie | Topshop
Earrings | Dinny Hall 
Necklace | Cat Bird 
Bag | Mansur Gavriel 

Ph. by Frances Davison
reated in collaboration with Nike.