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Back to the ’80s

There’s a throwback mood in London right now. Chronilogically confused maybe, but it’s making me want to pull together my favourite bits from the 80s, 70s and 60s and mash them all up at once. Elevated satchels, bikers with sloping shoulders and high-rise blue wash jeans to name but a few…

It’s well catalogued that throughout recent history, when times get tough (or more to the point, politics get rough), we tend to look backwards rather than forwards sartorially. I’m always slightly stuck in the 60s and 70s so I can’t blame the baker boy hat and cropped flares on anything but my personal spirit decades that I can’t seem to shake. But right now, the eighties are feeling fresh again thanks to renewed politically active sensibilities, right-wing governments and a renewed sense of women on the rise. Perhaps it’s comforting to get dressed akin to a pre-internet/crazy-ass politics era, or maybe it’s just always fun to legitimately try and look top-heavy and wear PVC and fishnets outside of Halloween. And it’s not as though you need to deck yourself in RaRa skirts and ugly jumpers. This nostalgic trip down memory lane is all about the subtleties of the 80s; a bit of houndstooth here, an oversized, sloping biker jacket there. For me, the way to stop from reliving my birth decade in all its ugly glory is to keep the added extras pared back and on the right side of the millenium. And I’ll concede there’s something about this tough side of the decade style forgot that feels kind of apt for strong opinions, feisty debates and actions over words. It worked back then so no wonder we’re feeling the need to regress now…

Enter Tory Burch’s new, ridiculously elegant T satchel and silk scarf co-star. Timeless and retro all at once, I love this little flash of ladylike refinement with a Working Girl attitude on the arm of an otherwise androgynous tomboy look. After all, no matter how frivolous and excessive the 80s appeared, they meant business back then and I have a feeling our current generation of game changers are no less stirred to motivate positive change than our fabulous, permed counterparts.

Jacket | Mango 
Jumper | & Other Stories 
Bag | Tory Burch
Jeans | Re/done
Hat | Janessa Leone 
Boots | By Far Shoes


Ph. by Frances Davison