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Fragrances to Fall in Love With

I am a total fragrance hoarder and have bottle upon bottle lining the shelves/any available surface around my house. To me, scent can be a real mood booster and setter, so I keep different fragrances on my desk, on my bedside table and in the bathroom depending how I want to feel. I rarely finish bottles as I always want to save a tiny bit and hate throwing them away so over the years, I’ve come to depend on some real favourites. These are the the ones on constant rotation in my humble abode right now…

Byredo Unnamed | I love Byredo fragrances, and this one not least because you can name it yourself. I kind of love that because so often fragrance names just like books, predetermine our expectations and decision whether or not we’re initially drawn to pick them up. So this was a bold, brave move for Byredo and I loved it. Plus, no one else will have a scent called the same as yours which makes me gives me a tiny bit of joy. This is a little bit smoky but mostly fresh, light with notes of pink pepper and violet, two things I’ve realised I’m drawn to in fragrances now.

Anja Rubik Original | You can probably tell from the bottle how much I’ve carted this one around with me. This is the scent I travel with the most as it works on so many levels. It’s light and fresh and feels summery, but is still sexy enough for after dark. Woody and peppery but with notes of green tea and lily, it ticks every box for me and is pretty unique too.

Le Labo Santal | Santal is a bit of an institution in terms of fragrances, loved by so many of my friends for its sandalwood and leather bases with top notes of violet and amber. I think it feels very summery without being sweet or clawing. This is a real cult favourite and Le Labo’s best-selling fragrance.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc | Imagine summer and all the good bits about it…. Well, this smells exactly like that. Like coconut, sun cream, salt water and jasmine-lined streets. Super spenny but really, really amazing smelling, this is an ultimate for anyone who wants to actually smell like a remote, desert island as well as be on one.

Byredo Cuir Obscur | This is my go-to evening fragrance right now. Exotic, romantic and the perfect balance between earthy and rich with lemon and rose to keep it fresh and sweet. I’ve had a lot of peoples ask me what I’m wearing when i have this one and it really stays put on your clothes, in fact I think it smells even better the morning after the night before…

Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka | Another rich one, this is one of Jo Malone’s newest releases and focuses on Namibian Myrrh and Vanilla for something sweet, warm, musky and romantic. From a purely face-value point of view, I love the black bottles too.

Aerin Tangier Vanille|Inspired by the souks of Morocco, this is rich, sweet and vanilla-y as it name probably suggests… As with all of Aerin’s travel-inspired scents, this really lingers both on your clothes, skin and in your memory. I took it to Kenya with me as you might have seen and now it always reminds me of that amazing trip.

Fiele Fragrances Boswella | This is definitely the most musky fragrance in my collection. It reminds me of incense with Frankincense is at the base of this with vanilla, bergamot, cedarwood and myrhh making for a spicy, smoky scent. This is definitely an acquired taste but has really grown on me for winter nights.


What’s your favourite fragrance right now?