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Sun, Sand and Song Saa


Another day in Cambodian paradise…. And in case you or, more likely, your manfriend, are worried you can’t handle the laidback pace and teen-tiny size of an island retreat like Song Saa, there are plenty of opportunities to escape. If you can actually drag yourself away from that pool that is….

I mentioned in my last post that the Song Saa Foundation works very closely and tightly with the local community and is a key part of what this hotel is all about. The very ethos of Song Saa is ‘luxury that treads lightly’, and ever since the hotel’s inception, the founders and owners have been dedicated to the education and sustainable development of both the marine life, environment and local communities. From addressing the impact of climate change, to promoting organic agriculture and introducing waste management systems, the Song Saa foundation is a lesson is how luxury hotels can give back rather than simply taking from its environment. We visited the local village of Prek Svey where lots of Song Saa’s projects, many of which are funded and supported by guests, are put into practise. Well worth dragging yourself from the bubble of Song Saa for a few hours to wander around, hear more about the projects, history of the village and meet too mnay ridiculously cute kids, cats and dogs. It took all my will power not to take some of them home (the cats and dogs, not the kids).

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The day after our outing to the village, we were back on the water, this time heading for ‘5 mile beach’ which essentially, does exactly as it’s name suggests. Although it should really named ‘one of the most amazing beaches in the world that just happens to be 5 miles long’.

We stopped off for a quick snorkel at a coral reef on our way to the beach and then jumped off onto that sugary, white sand. While we were busy wallowing in the bath-like shallows, the amazing team from Song Saa were setting up the dream picnic scenario on the beach, Parasols, stripe towels, pillows and tiffins of food for lunch completed the picture-perfect scene. I’m not sure any beach day will ever quite compare after this…. Officially spoilt for life I fear.

We spent a good few hours swimming, chatting and strolling down the sand where we discovered swings and castaway-esque pontoons beached on the shore. If I had to outline my favourite way to spend a day, it might look something like this I think. Closely followed by boxesets and films on the sofa with the curtains drawn but it really depends what mood you catch me in.

lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-102 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-101 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-108 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-110 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-106 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-105 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-85 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-92 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-88 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-91 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-87 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-93 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-98 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-96 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-94 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-95 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-84 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-112lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-97 lucy-williams-fmn-song-saa-cambodia-99

All-in-all the dream day pretending we were shipwrecked (albeit in the chicest way ever) and I had to be quite literally dragged back onto the boat to head back to Song Saa for Cambodian afternoon tea, massages and one final swim in my rose-tinged plunge pool. There are so many places I go to that I vow to go back to, but this one boutique abode is 100% on my ‘must return’ list….

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Stripe tunic | Faithfull the Brand
White dress | Vintage (similar here) 
Black bikini | Eres 
Sunglasses | Rayban 
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Bracelet | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
White kaftan | Rodebjer 

Ph. by myself and Drea Sobieski