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Bohemian Rhapsody


It’s the final stretch before Christmas and if there’s a better pair of boots to spend it in, I’ve yet to find them… Gold shoes are having a bit of a moment and as with all these kind of items you suspect might be fleeting in their blaze of glory, the high street is your best friend. Showy, shiny and a little bit tacky, they pretty much sum up the bits of Christmas we all love to hate. Think of them like baubles for your feet – and you don’t have to taken them off come January 12th.

Getting dressed in the winter can feel tricky and for me, the trick is working in opulent, OTT prices (the kind of things you wanted in your dressing up box as a kid) with basic denim and t-shirts. My velvet obsession has reached it’s absolute peak as you can tell from, ahem, another jacket that looks like it was pinched from behind the scenes at the Nutcracker, and these boots finish the whole thing off with plastic fantastic aplomb in my humble opinion. Yes I look like a member of a Queen tribute act but I’m pretty comfortable with that. Freddie Mercury is a an overlooked style icon if you ask me. I might have been born 15 years too late, but the seventies is a decade I subconsciously seem to go back to again and again. It’s only when I look back at pictures and realise how much a wannabe throwback I actually am.

If in doubt this Christmas or new year, for-go the sequins and dresses and give this little high/low formula a try. You might just feel more centre stage than you would in a little black dress and little black tights…

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas wherever you are. I’ll be taking a bit of time off from the blog this year as it’s been a bit of a crazy one for me, both personally and professionally, but I’ll back with a new post in a week or so. See you then lovely people.

lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-20 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-15 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-13 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-14 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-10 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-7 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-11 lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-9lucy-williams-mango-december-2016-18Jacket | Mango  (slightly shorter length – will let you know when/if this one arrives bacl online)
Jeans | Redone 
Tee | Redone 
Boots | Mango
Bag | Meli Melo 
Earrings | Mango

Ph. by Frances Davison