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A new season means a new wish list of things to make these impending dark days and chilly nights that bit more palatable.

Investment knitwear that isn’t your average, see-your-face-in-it patent leather and small but mighty accessories are just a few of the essentials I’m feeling right now. The top might seem slinky but throw it over a black turtle neck or tee and its suddenly not baring so much. Then again, if you’re lucky enough to get some winter sun (real or bottled) and have access to central heating, why not show some skin behind closed doors. In light of some lessons I’ve learnt recently about myself and how living out of my loungewear/nightwear drawer day in day out has had an affect on me, I’m realising that dressing up (or dressing down fancy things) isn’t always a dirty expression, especially for this through and through tomboy.

The Simon Miller Bonsai bag is firmly at the top of my most-coveted right now and a fairly affordable way into one of my favourite new young labels. If you know me and my blog, you’ll know I love a ring handle on a bag or indeed anything sartorially circular (weird I know) so I’m stalking this little beauty on a daily basis right now. Plus those shades would make me feel like Annette in Cruel Intentions which can only be a good thing.

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