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Botswana Adventure | Vumbura Plains


From Duma Tau, we travelled south and into Okavango Delta territory for two days at Vumbura Plains.

Totally different to Duma Tau, Vumbura is one of Wilderness’s premier camps and feels contemporary, sprawling and airy. The rooms are as big as a decent London flat with a four-poster shower (yes, really) the size of my entire bathroom and private plunge pools with views over the wetlands with ellies constantly strolling past nonchalantly. The main areas are full of minimal, muted day beds and rustic armchairs with modern art and crocheted cushions to keep you company while you laze around horizontally between game drives and boat trips. It was quickly becoming clear that at a Wilderness camp, when you’re not tracking down four-legged friends at dawn and dusk, you are consistently eating and drinking… A routine I could get used to.

 Vambura marries that communal safari feeling with private time pretty much perfectly; meals are eaten individually (as in your group, not solo lol), rooms are vast and spread out but there are always friendly faces to chat to if you’re a joiner rather than a hanger-backer. Personally (and as a bit of an introvert), I need a bit of a mix of the two and definitely couldn’t do family-style meals for a week so it was nice having a night to chew each others ear off just the two of us but equally on our second night, we were treated to dinner en masse in the camp’s resident Boma (complete with singing and dancing staff who were amazing).

The highlight of the stay was for sure our incredible room with a view, the endless close encounters with wild elephants to be had from our pool and the perfect shady nooks to cool off from the thick heat of the middle of the day.

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No trip to Botswana is complete without a trip on a mokoro. These hollowed out canoes are the traditional way to navigate the delta and possibly the most relaxing thing you can do for your soul. Imagine punting but with the ultimate sunset (they don’t do them better any better than in Africa) through lily-strewn waters and an amazing ‘poler’ who can make you necklaces out of lilies. After the sun set, we regrouped on the shore for drinks, biltong and dried mango and chats with all the guides and polers about all their various tribes and traditions.

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Bikini | Marysia Swim 
Denim shorts | Levis 
Gingham shirt | Tibi 
Necklace | NEW Lucy Williams X Missoma
Rope Sandals 
Pleated top |Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply 
Khaki trousers | Faithfull 
Sunglasses | Rayban 



Thanks to Yellow Zebra Safaris and Wilderness Safaris for hosting us.