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Kenya | Close Encounters of the Elephant Kind


Our last day at Sala’s Camp was adrenalin-fuelled… But first, pancakes.

We started the day off with breakfast on the edge of a river with crocs and hippos wallowing down below and had our daily cooked breakfast on our laps as the Mara came to life around us.. Out of everywhere I’ve been and had eggs in the morning, I feel like these random spots in the bush might just be my favourite place ever to have breakfast.

fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-55 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-54 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-57 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-56 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-59

Full up, we set off again and quickly had a close encounter with these boys…

Don’t worry they were just messing around play fighting but it quickly became apparent they well a little bit interested in us. They walked within touching distance of our car and we suddenly all realised we needed to be pretty quiet and that we were basically at the mercy of these beautiful giants. After a brief stop and stare moment, they wandered out and we all breathed out… Just to put into perspective, I was using a fixed 75mm lens throughout the trip so from the picture of the eye, you can get an idea of how close we were. After I took that, I had a minor moment of panic and ducked back down into my seat to hide. There’s nothing like a close encounter to really remind you how small we are in comparison to these BFGs. Thankfully these were in a friendly mood, but it still got my adrenalin pumping for a second…

fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-49 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-50 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-52 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-63 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-62


Having a little Out of Africa moment at Sala’s Camp in a new favourite kaftan I bought in Stockholm from Rodebjer

Our final game drive of the day was a special one. We stumbled across dinner time for a family of lions (sorry to all the vegans out there, it’s a bit national geographic but its nature innit) and a short distance away, another youngest family lazing around as the sunset. It’s amazing how close you can be and how being amongst them never gets boring; you’re never quite ready to leave to be honest.

This magical trip firmly gave me the bug for Africa again so no doubt I’ll be spending a lot more time here in the future so hopefully this won’t be my last encounter with African animals great and small.

fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-111 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-110 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-114 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-112 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-116 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-115 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-104 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-105 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-103 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-106 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-99 fashion-me-now-kenya-masa-mara-photo-travel-diary-107

White kaftan | Rodejber 
Rope sandals |Nomadic State of Mind
Hat | Janessa Leone 
Shirt | Madewell
Shorts | Current Elliot 
Tank | LNA

Thank you to The Safari Collection for an amazing trip. 
Ph. by myself and Liv Purvis